What is the difference between part-time and full-time RV insurance coverage?

A part-time or recreational RV insurance policy typically comes with the option of vacation liability coverage, which covers you for injuries or damages that occur in or around your RV during short trips. With full-time RV insurance, you receive broader liability coverages in order to protect you for a longer period of time. These coverages typically include:

  • Personal liability: Pays for property damage and injuries you're responsible for due to an accident while parked.
  • Medical payments: Covers medical expenses for those who are injured while near or in your RV.
  • Loss assessment: Pays for fees charged by an association to cover repairs to common areas or other parts of the property where your RV is parked.

The rest of your coverages will be on par with a recreational RV insurance policy. Just note that vacation liability is included with your full-timers RV coverage.

Does full-time RV insurance cost more?

The cost of full-time RV insurance varies based on the level and number of coverages you select, but will typically cost more than a recreational policy due to the additional liability protection you gain. However, adding full-timers coverage is always worth the expense if your RV is your only home or your home for six or more months out of the year (a typical requirement to qualify).

Important note: If you file a claim while using your motorhome or travel trailer as a permanent residence and you don't have full-time RV insurance, your insurer may deny your claim. This can vary based on the type of claim and situation.

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