Editorial standards for Progressive Answers

All Progressive Answers content goes through rigorous research, writing, fact-checking, and quality assurance. Learn about the editorial standards our in-house content, product, and legal teams use. See why you can look to Progressive for insurance information.

Progressive Answers editorial guidelines

Progressive Answers provides clear, accurate answers to your insurance-related questions. Published articles follow rigorous editorial guidelines for accuracy, clarity, and value. You can trust that the answers you get here will be thorough.

Content creation process

Each copywriter on our content team specializes in specific insurance products — from vehicle and property insurance to pet and electronic device insurance. Our writers dedicate their time to researching products and policies, and they translate the most important information into simple terms. They own the content creation process from draft to publish, ensuring each piece follows these editorial guidelines:

  • Accuracy

    There's no room for error or rumor when talking about insurance. While every insurance policy is unique, we research each topic thoroughly so we can accurately explain how insurance generally works at Progressive — and how it might work differently with other insurers.

  • Clarity

    Insurance can feel overwhelming if you don't know the basics. We define the must-know terms for each topic and help you weigh your options with confidence.

  • Value

    Insurance content should equip you to determine what's best for your situation. Our articles help you ask the right questions and take the step that's right for you.

Research and sourcing

Much of our research is done internally, reviewing first-party coverage guidelines and consulting with our product and legal teams. We also reference third-party insurance data industry leaders like the Insurance Information Institute, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the Highway Loss Data Institute. When we use an external source, we link to it so you can see the information first-hand. Each source is reviewed for validity before publication and when making updates.


Product information accuracy

Articles that discuss insurance are reviewed and fact-checked by the relevant product and research teams. These teams are responsible for researching, managing, and developing Progressive's products — in other words, they're first-hand authorities on insurance. They compare an article's information with Progressive's actual coverages and practices for accuracy.

Legal accuracy

From product descriptions to savings information, our internal team of attorneys reviews all Answers content to make sure it's accurate and supportable. They cross-check the content with Progressive's actual policy guidelines and substantiated marketing claims if applicable. They also review the validity of external sources and links.

Note: Some Answers content covers topics closely related to buying or updating your insurance, like buying a car or home. We research these topics thoroughly using trusted third-party sources regularly checked for updates. While we present you with relevant facts and connect you with the sources, we recommend you consult a financial advisor for financial decisions.

Updates and corrections

Content is reviewed regularly to ensure relevance, and updates follow the same rigorous fact-checking process as new content. A dedicated marketing research team reviews any claim made about costs, savings, quotes, and more, and those claims are checked for accuracy annually (if not more often). Updates to information are published as soon as they're available and approved.


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