Car insurance editorial standards

Progressive Answers provides easy, direct answers to your insurance-related questions. Our car insurance articles aim to break the complicated topic of auto insurance into simple terms — all so you can feel confident selecting a policy, qualifying for discounts, and protecting what matters most. Find out why you can trust the auto insurance information you find on Progressive Answers.

Why you can trust Progressive for auto insurance information

Progressive has been innovating the car insurance industry since our founding in 1937. As one of the top two largest auto insurers in the nation, and the #1 personal auto carrier among independent agents, more than 28 million drivers trust Progressive.

Progressive's vision to become consumers' and agents' top choice and destination for auto and other insurance means we're here to make your life easier. By answering all your car insurance questions in simple terms, we strive to empower you to make the right choice for you and your loved ones. Learn more about who we are.

Aligned to the Answers editorial principles

As a top-two auto insurer, Progressive has a robust library of 400+ educational auto insurance and related articles. In line with our core values of excellence and integrity, our in-house copywriters rigorously research, and our auto insurance product and legal teams validate and align every article to our overall Answers editorial standards. These editorial principles drive each auto insurance article:

  • Accurate: Our writers thoroughly research each auto insurance article by working closely with internal experts and referencing first-party and trusted third-party sources. They work closely with Progressive's car insurance product and legal teams to validate our answers to your questions.
  • Clear: Answers breaks down your real-life car insurance questions into easy explanations, whether you're wondering how to lower your car insurance premium or wondering if the color of your car affects your insurance rate. And since insurance jargon can get confusing, we break down the must-know lingo into everyday terms.
  • Helpful: We strive to help you make car insurance decisions without overwhelming you with information. Even if you have a question about something Progressive doesn't offer, we provide objective information so you can get the answer you're looking for.
  • People-first: Humans write, fact-check, and review each auto insurance article. You can trust that our car insurance information comes from industry experts.

Car insurance content creation process

Researching auto insurance topics

Our auto insurance research typically starts with Progressive's own car insurance coverage guidelines to understand how policies, discounts, and other details work. Throughout the process, we consult with the corporate auto insurance product team and legal teams to inform the answers we're providing.

We also reference the following industry-leading sources, among others, for third-party insurance data and information:

Fact-checking auto insurance information

Product reviews

Car insurance Answers articles are reviewed and fact-checked by Progressive's auto insurance product development, product management, and research and development teams. These car insurance leaders know Progressive's auto product inside and out. They cross-check an article's information with Progressive's actual coverages and practices for accuracy.

Legal reviews

Progressive's corporate legal team dedicates resources to reviewing Answers car insurance information for accuracy. Our corporate attorneys validate explanations of how auto insurance works, Progressive's substantiated marketing claims, and externally sourced information.

Note: Some Answers content covers topics closely related to car insurance, like buying a car. We research these topics thoroughly using trusted third-party sources regularly checked for updates. While we present relevant facts and connect you with external sources, we recommend you consult a financial advisor for financial decisions.

Auto insurance updates

Answers auto content is reviewed regularly for relevance and accuracy, and updates follow the same rigorous fact-checking process used for new articles. A dedicated marketing research team reviews any claim made about Progressive car insurance costs, savings, quotes, and more, and those claims are checked for accuracy annually (if not more often). Updates to information are published as soon as they're available and approved.

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