Plant a Tree Program

As part of our efforts to be responsible environmental stewards, Progressive partners with the Arbor Day Foundation by planting trees to help restore forests and protect critical ecosystems.

Customers who quote motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, or boat insurance online and buy a policy may be given the option to have Progressive plant a tree on their behalf at no additional cost. By opting in, customers have the opportunity to help restore and protect our environment for future generations.

Photo courtesy of the Arbor Day Foundation

Supporting reforestation

The Plant a Tree Program supports the Arbor Day Foundation's reforestation efforts in Michigan, together with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Michigan's state forestlands are in need of strategic, large-scale reforestation after having been heavily logged since the late 1800s.

Through these efforts, the Foundation is helping to plant more than 5 million native jack pine and red pine trees, improving habitat for Michigan's wildlife — including the Kirtland's warbler, which was only recently removed from the endangered species list thanks to these and similar efforts.

The restored forests, as they mature, will also provide important ecosystem services like carbon sequestration and water filtration.

Progressive's environmental efforts

Progressive is committed to protecting our customers, reducing our environmental footprint, and minimizing our dependence on natural resources. Learn about our other environmental stewardship efforts.