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Can you ride a motorcycle on the beach?

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Local laws vary regarding whether you can ride a motorcycle on the beach. Before heading to the beach, research your area to see if there are designated beaches to drive on and whether there are motorcycle beach laws of which you should be aware. Certain areas may have restrictions on which beaches allow motorbikes.

If you drive on the beach with your motorcycle, take the proper precautions. Otherwise, you risk getting your motorcycle stuck in the sand or doing damage to your bike.

What are the best types of motorcycles to ride on the beach?

For the most part, any motorcycle can drive on the beach — some do a better job at it than others. Beaches with packed sand (for example, beaches that cars drive on) are the easiest to ride on and can safely be done on any motorcycle or motorbike. You’ll have the best luck with lightweight models if you’re exploring a beach with softer sand. They’ll ride over the sand more easily without sinking too deep, so you’re less likely to get stuck. Some of the best beach motorcycles include:

Bikes with knobby tires

This is the best dirt bike for driving on sand. The texture on knobby tires gives the vehicle a better grip. Driving a vehicle with knobby tires will allow you to accelerate, brake, and turn more easily than on a bike with smooth tires.

Electric dirt bikes

While it’s not your classic motorcycle, dirt bikes are specifically designed for riding on sand and unlevel terrain. For a fun experience and to get up some speed on the dunes, go for an electric model. Electric dirt bikes are also classified as regular bikes rather than motorcycles. Therefore, it opens up the possibility to ride on more beaches — even ones that don’t allow standard motorcycles.

Adventure motorcycles

Adventure motorcycles — also called ADVs — are a specific class of motorbikes designed to drive just as well off-road as on regular streets. They tend to have a stronger and more durable frame than your standard motorbike. Also, the wheels may be slightly larger, and the handlebars may be a bit taller and wider than a standard motorcycle.

How to ride a motorcycle in sand

Riding a motorcycle on the beach is an amazing experience. However, it does come with a slight learning curve if you’re only used to riding on the road. Keep these motorcycle sand riding techniques in mind when you want to take your bike out on the beach:

  • Wear motorcycle protective gear, including a motorcycle helmet.
  • Start slowly and gradually increase your speed once you’re used to driving in the sand.
  • Use the clutch as an off/on switch.
  • Use the throttle to gain traction and get the bike accelerating.
  • Keep a steady speed, especially on soft sand, to avoid getting stuck.
  • Focus on your balance by leaning back to avoid putting too much weight on the front tire.
  • After your beach ride, clean the motorcycle with soapy water to avoid sea and salt damage.

Whether traveling down back roads, mountains, or cruising along a beach, keep yourself and your bike protected with motorcycle insurance from Progressive.

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