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What to know about ATV accidents

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As much fun as ATVs can be, they can also be dangerous. ATV accidents happen. You should take steps after an accident to address any injuries medically and to ensure your insurance company has all the information required. You might also ride with safety in mind, wearing gear and protective equipment to reduce your chance of getting hurt when riding your four-wheeler.

What to do after an ATV accident

Being in an ATV accident can be scary. Not only could you damage your ATV, but you and others could get seriously injured. Knowing what to do after an ATV accident, even a minor fender bender, can help you recover quickly and get back on the trails.

1. Check for injuries

The first thing to do is check for injuries. A paramedic or medical professional should always examine you if you sustained an injury. Even if you have no fractures or scrapes, internal injuries can happen without realizing it.

2. Document damage

After an ATV accident, take photographs of the wreckage, the area around the wreck, and any visible injuries. You should call the police and get a report. If you have an ATV insurance policy and plan to file a claim, your insurance company will likely require a report before the paperwork can proceed. While you wait for the police, speak to witnesses nearby and ask if they’d be willing to provide their information so police can take their statements.

3. Contact your insurance company

Finally, once you’ve taken care of everything else, contact your insurance company and inform them of the accident. Your auto insurance will not cover your ATV but your homeowners insurance may provide personal liability coverage if an accident occurs on your property. ATV insurance can help protect you and others during an accident, no matter where it occurs. Learn more about how ATV insurance works.

What are the most common ATV injuries from ATV accidents?

Collisions are a common type of four-wheeler accident, but ATVs can also overturn and eject you off the back. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most common types of injury from ATV accidents are fractures and lacerations, contusions and abrasions, internal organ injuries, and strains or sprains.

Learn more about safety tips for riding ATVs and the best safety gear for motorcycles and ATVs.

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