What are off-road vehicles?

The term "off-road vehicle” describes any motorized vehicle that can travel across mud, snow, sand, and other challenging terrains. Side-by-sides have a more traditional steering wheel and get their name from the two seats that sit beside one another (although some have a single bench seat, and larger versions may also feature back seats). ATVs, on the other hand, have handlebars more like a motorcycle. Dune buggies are specific off-road vehicles with oversized tires built to traverse beaches or desert landscapes.

Is ATV insurance required by law?

ATV/UTV insurance is sometimes required by law—even if your lienholder doesn’t already require you to carry a comprehensive and collision coverages until the vehicle is paid off. While a policy functions much like motorcycle insurance, one important distinction is that insurance coverage for off-road vehicles isn't always mandated by law because they're not typically driven on standard roadways, and some states ban them on roadways altogether. Registration requirements and insurance regulations may differ in states depending on where the vehicle is being driven. Check out the laws in your state to see if you’re required to have ATV insurance by law.

Do I need ATV insurance?

Even if there are no ATV insurance requirements in your state, it’s worth considering in case you have an accident and don’t have the funds immediately available for a full replacement of your off-road vehicle. And, because ATVs aren’t ridden on typical roadways, passengers are more prone to injury due to the rough terrain. Liability coverage may help protect you — and your assets — in the event of an accident.

What does ATV/UTV insurance cover?

ATV/UTV insurance policies can include the following standard coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: Pays for injuries you cause to someone while riding your off-road vehicle, up to your policy's limit.
  • Bodily injury property damage: Pays for damages to someone else's property if you're liable in an accident, up to your policy’s limit.
  • Collision coverage: If your ATV collides with another vehicle or object, collision can pay to repair or replace your vehicle, minus any deductible.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Covers events outside of your control, including theft, vandalism, hitting an animal, fire and weather-related damage, minus any deductible.

Learn more about specialized coverages for your ATV or UTV.

Are ATVs covered by homeowners insurance?

In most cases, homeowners insurance doesn't cover off-road vehicles – and this is especially true once the vehicle is driven off your property. Much like your motorcycle, your ATV or off-road vehicle needs its own insurance policy.

However, your home insurance policy’s personal liability coverage policy may provide some protection, up to your policy’s limits, if someone else is injured while riding an ATV on your property. But keep in mind, there could be exceptions, depending on your coverage.

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