Does ATV insurance cover theft?

There's no dedicated ATV theft insurance, and not every state requires you to carry ATV insurance. If you do have an ATV insurance policy, it might cover your ATV or utility terrain vehicle (UTV) against theft, depending on the coverages you select.

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Does homeowners insurance cover ATV theft?

Not usually. Personal liability insurance on your homeowners insurance policy may help if someone sustains an injury riding your ATV on your property, and some homeowners policies may cover the ATV itself if there's an accident on your property.

Your homeowners insurance probably won't cover theft of your vehicle, especially if it happens away from home. If ATV theft is a concern for you, you should consider an ATV insurance policy with comprehensive coverage. Learn more about how ATV insurance works.

Tips for ATV theft prevention

The best way to secure an ATV is to prevent ATV theft in the first place. Be especially careful at the end of the summer. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), July and August are the months with the highest rates of ATV theft. No matter the time of year, the following tips can help you prevent ATV theft.

Keep it in a safe space

Whenever possible, keep your ATV locked up in a closed, private garage. It's a tough vehicle that can stand up to inclement weather but leaving an ATV out in the open makes it easier to steal. An ATV stored out of sight will attract fewer criminals.

If you don't have access to a garage, store it covered in a well-lit area within eyesight of the house. If there isn't a well-lit area nearby, consider adding motion-sensitive lights to illuminate the ATV. Making the ATV easy to keep an eye on can discourage ATV theft.

In addition to keeping your ATV indoors or in plain sight, you should store the keys in a separate location to add another layer of ATV theft protection. The less convenient and more time-consuming it will be to steal an ATV, the less likely a theft will occur.

Add security systems

Many ATVs don't come standard with ATV anti-theft devices like alarm systems, but these devices can go a long way toward protecting your ATV against theft. Adding an audible alarm to the vehicle can draw attention to the thief and increase the risk of getting caught. Alarms with a blinking light add even more ATV theft protection by making it clear that the vehicle is protected.

When it comes to ATV theft tracking devices, consider adding a GPS if your ATV doesn't have one. It won't prevent an ATV from being stolen, but it can help you or the authorities locate it.

Lock it up

ATV locks can be the simplest and most effective ATV anti-theft devices available and come in two main styles. Brake locks loop through the disc brakes and prevent a thief from rolling the ATV away by blocking the wheel's rotation. Chains and U-locks are like those used to lock up bicycles. They attach your ATV to an immovable object.

For the best ATV theft protection, use both kinds of locks together. If you're out on the trail and don't have an appropriate object to lock the ATV to, you can lock multiple ATVs together at the frames to make them all harder to steal.

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