Staying in a pet-friendly hotel

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Your furry, four-legged friends are a big part of your family, which includes taking them along with you on vacation. Whether flying with your pet or traveling with pets in a car, keep their safety and comfort in mind. Pet-friendly vacation rental homes are often the best way to bring your pet along on vacation, but it’s easier than ever to find pet-friendly hotel rooms. Here are tips to make a hotel stay with pets a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Tips for staying in hotels that allow pets

1. Research hotel pet fees and restrictions

Hotels that allow pets often charge extra fees and deposits, including nonrefundable cleaning fees. Before booking your room, check the hotel pet policy, fees, and requirements, including pet weight and size restrictions.

2. Ask about the hotel property and noise levels

Ask the staff about the hotel grounds and noise level. Some hotels are located near busy, crowded streets and aren’t safe areas for animals or ideal pet friendly hotels. If your pet gets anxious and nervous around loud noises and big crowds, choose a quiet, less crowded hotel, so your pet feels safe and comfortable. You might need to ask your vet for medication if you need additional stress relief options for your pet.

3. Book a room on the first floor

When staying in a pet-friendly hotel, choose a ground-level hotel room so you don’t have to walk up and down the stairs, and your pet won’t disturb guests below you. A ground-level room makes it easier to take pets out for bathroom breaks. Consider booking a large suite, so your pet has plenty of room to explore his new surroundings.

4. Follow the hotel pet policy

Follow the hotel’s pet policy. Use designated bathroom areas and clean up after your dog. Some hotels that allow pets don’t want them to be left alone in a hotel room without human supervision. If your pet has long hair and tends to shed, bring blankets or sheets from home and cover furniture to prevent a furry mess on furniture. For your pet’s safety, keep a close eye on him inside the room, and always leash your pet when walking outdoors.

5. Bring pet supplies

When traveling with cats, bring a travel litter box and place it in the bathroom. Putting the litter box on the bathroom floor makes for easier cleanup if the cat litter spills. Also, if you’re staying at a pet-friendly hotel, double-check that cats can stay in the rooms.

Bring disinfectant sprays, rug cleaners, and rags in case of accidents. If your dog tends to have accidents while away from home, use doggy bathroom pads in the room. Wipe off wet, dirty fur and paws with a towel so they don’t track dirt and mud on the floor. As a courtesy, advise the hotel immediately of any stains or damage caused by pets.

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