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The top sources for severe weather safety

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In today’s information age, staying informed is as easy as ever. But, in the event of severe weather, how can you sort through the clutter to find the most relevant information to you? Let’s face it: when severe weather hits, you want access to the best resources as quickly as possible.

Real time information

Keep you and your family safe during a severe storm with up to date information.

The FEMA mobile app features:

  • National Weather Service alerts for up to 5 locations
  • Safety reminders and tips, emergency checklists
  • Locate open shelters
  • Disaster reporter- share and find information on damage

Click here to download app for Apple and Android

Severe storm preparation

Conditions change fast during severe weather events. has detailed information on how to prep for every weather event

Get information on:

Storm specific:

Hurricane safety tips

  • How to prepare your home
  • What to do in the hours before a hurricane arrives
  • Post hurricane tips

Flooding safety tips

  • Safety tips
  • What to during a watch or warning
  • Post flooding safety

Tornado safety tips

  • What to do before, during and after
  • Tornado facts
  • Tornado terms defined

Evacuation tips

All evacuation orders should be taken seriously, as they are put in place for your safety.

Check out the CDC’s tips for evacuating here.

Fast takeaways:

  • Take the essentials
  • Don’t protect your property if it means risking your health and safety
  • Follow recommended emergency routes


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