What happens if someone gets injured on your property?

If a friend or neighbor is injured on your property due to your negligence, you may be liable for medical bills and other expenses. A loose handrail, an unsecured pool, or snow and ice on walkways may all cause accidents. Personal liability coverage may pay for injuries sustained by others on your property, up to your policy's limits.

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Does homeowners insurance cover someone getting hurt on your property?

Personal liability coverage on your homeowners insurance policy may help pay for injuries and legal fees that result from an injury to another party on your property if you're liable. If someone gets hurt on your property, they may be able to sue for the cost of their medical bills and other injury-related costs, including attorney and court fees.

How does personal liability coverage help when someone is injured?

If an accident occurs on your property and you're liable, your personal liability coverage may help with medical bills or death benefits, up to the limits of your policy. Similarly, if you are injured on someone else's property or at a friend's house, their personal liability coverage may cover your injuries if they were liable.

Depending on your home insurance provider, breed of dog, and policy restrictions, personal liability coverage may also cover you if your dog bites someone and you're liable for their injuries. Check with your insurer to find out if you have coverage and if a sublimit applies.

Am I liable if a kid gets hurt on my property?

You may be legally responsible if a child gets hurt on your property. While a child's status as an invited guest or trespasser will be considered, you're responsible for securing your property to prevent harmful conditions that can cause an accident. In some cases, trespassers have little protection. However, a young child may not understand the risks of entering your property. It's important to eliminate any attractive nuisances or take extra precautions with potentially hazardous conditions to avoid physical harm that those conditions can cause.

Ways to secure your home and avoid accidents

  • Childproof your yard and cover swimming pools
  • Remove toys from pathways to avoid falls
  • Use non-slip rugs to prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Shovel snow from walkways and steps
  • Place trespassing warning signs around property

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