What does an adjuster do?

Insurance adjusters assess many types of claims, including insurance claims resulting from car accidents. Below are the steps adjusters usually take when investigating a car insurance claim for vehicle damage, though the exact steps may vary by insurer:

  1. Review claim details & your policy: The adjuster assigned to your claim will first review the details of the accident/loss you submitted with your claim. They'll also review your policy to determine which of your coverages may apply to your claim.

  2. Interview those involved: The adjuster will collect recorded statements from people involved in the loss, such as drivers, passengers, and witnesses. They may also review the scene of the accident, police reports, or video footage of the loss, along with any other information related to the loss.

  3. Go over your options: If the adjuster determines that the damage is covered, they'll go over your options with you. Typically, you can decide to move forward with repairs or get an inspection first to determine how much repairs will cost. For an inspection, your adjuster will coordinate the inspection of your vehicle and write up a repair estimate.

You can then choose to either have your adjuster set up repairs or you can take the claim payout and set up repairs yourself. If your vehicle is totaled, your insurer will pay you the actual cash value of the vehicle, minus your deductible.