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Keeping your teen safe at home

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Remember those days in junior high school or high school when you would come home from school hours before your parents got back from work? I would always wonder if my parents were worried about me getting into any trouble or watching too much TV. But if they never called, there was no way for them to know what I was up to and nothing was off limits.

With today’s technology, the ease of texting certainly helps with this problem. But having a smart security system and taking extra precautions can give you even more insight into what’s happening at home to ensure your kids are safe and sound.

Above and beyond home security

A security camera can allow you to livestream what’s going on in your home from anywhere in the world. It also records videos any time your system is tripped. For these reasons, it’s great for checking in on who’s home and what’s going on. You can look in and see which of your teen’s friends is over to hang out after school or if your teen is actually doing their homework when they say they are. And don’t worry, many cameras today come with a privacy shutter which gives you and your family privacy whenever you want it.

Another great feature you can leverage with a security system is the ability to set up unique PINs for each family member. Not only will this tool let you know your teen got home safe, but you’ll also be notified when they arm the system again.

With remote monitoring through a mobile app, you can arm your system remotely when your teen forgets or check to see when they armed or disarmed the system. This is a great way to make sure that your teen is getting home on time and not breaking curfew.

If your teen is staying home alone overnight, a modern gives you the peace of mind that they’re protected whether they are awake watching TV or fast asleep. The system is monitored 24/7—if they have the whole neighborhood over for a party, you’ll catch them red-handed.

Discreet and secret notifications

People come up with many creative ways to keep an eye on their home and their teens. A common practice is for people to set up an entry sensor or contact sensor in an unsuspecting place, like a liquor cabinet, to know when someone is getting into somewhere they shouldn’t be.

While you probably don’t need the police called if your kid happens to open the liquor cabinet, this is a great tool to keep an eye on their activity. A home security option that provides you with secret alerts is perfect for monitoring activity inside your home when it comes to sensitive items or areas. Instead of the alarm going off and the police being notified, you’ll get a text or notification if that sensor is tripped and you can keep it within your family.

These kinds of alerts can also give you a heads up if they’re sneaking around or out at night, or if they’re trying to take a sneak peek at the Christmas presents hidden in the closet.

Empowering your teen with more responsibility

A big part of making sure your kids are safe is to teach them how to be safe on their own. By empowering your teen with more responsibility, it helps give them a better understanding of what it means to be safe and responsible. If your teen is the most likely person to be at your home at certain times, you could set them up as a primary or secondary emergency contact on your security system. Another way to help make sure they understand your household safety is to prepare them for what to do in case of an emergency.

You could even have your oldest teen teach your younger children how to use the security system and how to react in case of an emergency.

Also, you could give your teen access to the security mobile or web app. This allows your teen to monitor and control the system so they, too, can check in on what’s going on at home. As a parent, you could even incorporate components into chores, such as keeping an eye on the pets.

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