What is home security lighting?

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Outdoor home security lights are the first line of defense between your home and would-be thieves. A darkened home is an easier target than one that’s well-lit. Plus, you may get a discount on insurance with a home security system that includes outdoor lighting. The key is knowing where to place the lights. Here are tips on how to properly set up home security lighting.

How does lighting improve security?

Security lights, specifically motion-activated lights are triggered by activity near your home. This draws attention to the home and areas around your home, making it a less successful target for burgarlars and theft.

Do I need outdoor home security lighting?

If you have a lot of lighting around the exterior of your home, a burglar will think twice before trying to break in. Choosing the right outdoor security lighting is essential for creating effective security outside your home. Light the entrances of your home with motion-activated lights. When planning your lighting, including your front and back doors, side doors, and garage entryways. Not only will lights make it easy to see when you’re coming in and out, but they will also remove any darkened areas a burglar could lurk in.

Once the entrances are taken care of, ensure windows are secure and well-lit. Consider motion-activated lights for placement around windows so the lights aren’t on all night. Motion-activated lights also draw attention to any movement within your yard, adding an extra layer of security. Next, make sure outside storage areas get plenty of light. Any outdoor sheds or unattached garages are often targets of theft since they’re separate from the home.

Other areas to add outdoor home security lighting

Consider adding outdoor lighting for security to the perimeter of your home. Again, these lights don’t have to be on all the time. But if you have any darkened areas around your home that someone could hide in, a motion-activated light can eliminate the chance of someone sneaking around without your knowledge. You want to feel safe walking around your home by removing any hiding spots.

Walkway lights have more purpose than just aesthetic appeal. Placing path lights along your driveway and around your home can help illuminate distant parts of the lawn that may otherwise go unnoticed, adding security to the exterior of your home. The same applies to underwater lights placed in pools or outdoor ponds.

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