What is home window security?

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According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, about 23% of burglars enter the home through a ground-floor window. While large windows may provide great views and abundant natural light, they can also pose a risk unless you take steps to secure them. Here are several steps you can take for home window security and protection.

How to secure windows from burglars and break-ins

Keep your windows locked

It may sound like a no-brainer, but lock your windows. A burglar could break it, but that makes noise and attracts attention. A locked window is more secure than an unlocked one because it makes it more difficult to enter the home. Thieves like to target low-hanging fruit.

Install different types of glass

Many homes, especially those built before 1950, have more fragile window glass that’s easier to break. However, installing reinforced glass panes can provide stronger window protection from burglars. Tempered glass is relatively inexpensive, but it’s still significantly harder to damage than normal glass. Laminated glass is also called safety glass and works by providing a laminated layer in between the panes so that even if one breaks, the glass doesn’t fall out.

Use your landscaping as defense

Instead of focusing solely on the pane itself, think about what’s around it. Can someone walk right up to the window, or will they have to push their way through bushes? Planting spiky, thorny bushes like holly or juniper can make it difficult to reach the window, adding extra home window security.

Set up window alarms

House window security comes in many forms. You can equip your windows with a sensor that detects when it opens, or you can set up a glass break sensor that monitors vibrations within the glass. Still, other options include devices like the Amazon Echo with Alexa Guard, which can listen for the unique audio pattern of breaking glass.

Most window alarms are inexpensive. However, the more windows you have, the more you will spend. Installing a smart speaker with glass break detection can be the better, more cost-effective option for larger homes with multiple windows. Depending on your insurer, you may be able to get a homeowners insurance discount for installing a home security system . Learn more about home insurance discounts for security systems.

Use outdoor floodlights

Spiky plants are great, and outdoor floodlights are an excellent supplement. In the same way that many burglars want to avoid breaking glass because it draws attention, they want to avoid floodlights that quite literally shine a spotlight on them. Outdoor, motion-activated floodlights prevent dark areas from developing around your home and instead draw attention to those areas. Learn more about installing home security lighting on your property.

Mount metal bars on your windows

If you live in an area with high crime rates, consider placing metal bars to protect your windows from a break-in. Installing bars on your windows may drop curb appeal, but bars make it impossible for someone to climb through the window without removing them. Metal grills allow light through but prevent access from outside the home. While metal bars could pose a safety risk in a fire, the more modern security products have quick-remove options you can fold up for safe, fast removal.

Homeowners insurance can also protect your home in case of a break-in. Learn more about how homeowners insurance covers theft.

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