Guide to RV beach camping

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The key to enjoying a great RV beach camping getaway is preparing for the elements. Sand, water, sun, and wind can ruin your camping experience if you don’t have the right gear. This beach camping guide will ensure that you enjoy paradise when you park your RV on the beach.

Tips for RV camping on the beach

Keep sand out of your RV

  • Pack separate beach and bath towels to help keep sand out of the RV
  • Hang up beach towels outside and bath towels inside
  • Invest in an outdoor rug and broom and sweep the rug daily
  • Rinse your feet before entering your RV
  • Don’t wear your shoes in your RV
  • Use the outdoor shower before entering your RV
  • Bring separate beach and camping chairs

Pack the right gear

Pack at least two or more swimsuits and pack a clothesline to hang up wet bathing suits and towels. If you have younger children, pack an inflatable baby pool.

Protect yourself from the sun

Pack water resistant, high SPF sunscreen and sun hats for everyone in the family. Invest in a pop-up shade room that offers shelter from the sun or bring an umbrella or two for shaded breaks.

Protect your RV from wind

Never leave your RV awning extended while camping at the beach and pin everything down outdoors and bring beach umbrella anchors. Learn about RV insurance and RV insurance coverages and check out vacation liability insurance, which protects you from injuries that happen around the area where your RV is parked.

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