6 tips for building your perfect wedding registry

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Congratulations! Your fiancée just proposed, you accepted, and now your new life is a blur with wedding planning, invitations, and meetings galore.  This is going to take some time and effort to put together the wedding of your dreams.  Put a pin in all that work and focus on you and have a little fun!

Planning for the perfect outcome

There are a few things to consider when putting together your wedding registry…you don’t want your future cousins in law just winging it. Have a plan, start the next chapter of your life with things that will make your life better.  Needed household items!  Cherished thoughtful handmade gifts are wonderful, but more appropriate for an anniversary or birthday.  Tradition calls for gifts of a more practical application or if you want to give guests some freedom, what about a donation towards the honeymoon?  Simple and effective.

6 tips for building your perfect wedding registry


1. Start with an inventory of what you already have

Are you moving into a new place?  Does it have more bedrooms?  What about nicer linens?  Will you be spending more time together cooking at home?  How big is the kitchen?  More mouths to feed?  Think cooking appliances, upgraded cutlery, dishware for hosting the holidays in the future for both sides of the family (maybe minus a few future cousins-in-law).

2. Bring in your fiancée for this next phase

What do they need?  Do they have a home-based business, do they work remote?  Upgraded office chair, glass mat for the chair (instead of that plastic one with the cracks), or a new desk.  Turn the home office into a showroom!  What are your hobbies together as a couple?  Any inspiration there?  Living room – how’s the furniture, end tables, ottoman, coffee table, TV?  If you’re moving into a house with a yard, think garage…lawnmower, leaf blower, edger/trimmer.

3. Prioritize your shopping lists

Once you’ve built the core areas of what groups/types of items you are looking for, it’s time to go shopping.  Unless you both have localized families, think larger stores that have locations around the country, or online.  Many stores will help you put together a list and set up the registry.  Probably 2-3 stores, for your sanity.  Include a wide variety of items at all price points…you may be surprised how many of the larger items get picked early.

4. Include the registry on your wedding communications

Guests may not make the wedding but still purchase a gift.  If they don’t see the registry on their ‘Save the Date’, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette/Bachelor party invitation, wedding invitation or RSVP confirmation, then they are less likely to use it.

5. Make it easy for them

Especially for stores that can ship, include your home address for drop-shipping.  You’re going to be so busy on the wedding, give people the option to have the gift delivered, instead of bringing it on your special day.

6. Insurance

Insurance? Who’s watching the gift table at your wedding, who’s watching the parking lot where the gifts are in a vehicle?  Who was holding onto all the gift envelopes?  Wedding insurance policies that cover the cancellation/postponement of the wedding might also have limits built in for gifts, as well as other day-of issues, like damaged attire, jewelry, etc. Check out Progressive Wedding & Event Insurance by The Event Helper, Inc. coverage options here.

Congratulations again on your engagement and many blessings on the future!

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