Destination weddings vs. local wedding

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Unless you’ve had the perfect wedding spot picked out for as long as you can remember, deciding where to have your wedding can be challenging. You might first determine whether you want to keep the festivities close to home or go for the destination wedding. From there, you can work on narrowing down the venue choices.

It’s important to consider the pros and cons of destination weddings before deciding on a destination wedding vs. a local wedding.

Destination wedding pros and cons

Pros of destination weddings

  • You can create a memorable vacation experience for everyone.
  • If your family doesn’t live near you, your destination wedding could make it easier for everyone to meet in the middle.
  • You’ll have a smaller, more intimate event with your closest friends and family.
  • After the wedding festivities, consider staying put and making it your honeymoon destination. You could save money and make the whole experience even more special.
  • You’ll always have that special place where you got married, which will make for some special anniversary vacations.

Cons of destination weddings

  • Finding a wedding destination venue isn’t always easy.
  • Traveling may be a hardship for some, especially the elderly, so your guest list will be smaller.
  • You’ll have to coordinate pre-wedding appointments virtually if you can’t visit before the wedding.
  • You may have to hire a vendor that you’ve never met face-to-face.
  • Hauling all that wedding stuff will be complicated. Whether you’re driving or flying, you must consider everything you need to bring with you.
  • Destination weddings can be more expensive.

Learn more about planning a destination wedding.

Pros and cons of local weddings

Pros of local weddings

  • Finding a local venue will be easier, and you can schedule walkthroughs easily.
  • You can get personal recommendations from friends and neighbors.
  • Once you’ve secured the venue, finding and scheduling vendors will be more accessible.
  • As you get closer to the event, planning and setting up the venue will be easier to ensure everything is prepared and ready.
  • You can have a huge wedding with local friends, family and all the people you know and love.

Cons of local weddings

  • You may have a larger guest list if you have a local wedding.
  • Your wedding venue may not be as scenic.
  • You may have to worry more about inclement weather, depending on where you live and the season you get married.

What is the cost of a destination wedding vs. a traditional wedding?

You can expect to spend more for a destination wedding than a traditional local one. You might have fewer guests, but you’ll need to factor in travel and lodging costs, which could add up to a hefty expense. Depending on the destination’s popularity, you could also compete with other weddings to secure venues and book vendors, which can also add to the price.

You can save money on a local wedding with personal touches like a backyard venue and homemade cake. No matter where you get married, planning a wedding can be challenging. Learn how to make your wedding budget work for you.

Other considerations for destination vs. local weddings

Choosing a local vs. destination wedding can be nerve-racking for some and a piece of cake for others. Remember that regardless of where you get married, the most important thing is whom you’re marrying and that it’s a wonderful, memorable experience for both of you.

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