The most common water damages for smartphones

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There are plenty of articles on how to revive your water damaged smartphone. But here are the facts; none of these methods are foolproof. But you can prevent it from happening. Here we have review the most common accidents that result in water damage and how to protect your smartphone.


Especially in the summer months, it goes without saying that one of the most frequent forms of smartphone water damage comes from perils at the beach and/or swimming pool. It doesn’t take much imagination to picture how these damages might come about. However, limiting the amount of “selfies” you take in or around the pool or eliminating the unnecessary risk of underwater imagery, can greatly reduce the risk of you succumbing to a summertime tragedy.


The chances are we are all guilty of feeling the urge to use our smartphones while in the bathroom. Whether it’s by way of toilet or bath, there are plenty of situations that can lead to your device being water damaged. It’s become a relatively common practice to spend a little extra time in the bathroom checking emails, playing games, or sending text messages. In a sense it’s almost become a mental break for most people. Ultimately, however, if you are looking to reduce the risk of water damage, try waiting a few minutes to finish in the bathroom prior to sending that email or text message.


While seemingly un-alarming on the surface, something as simple as spilling a beverage on or around your smartphone can prove very costly! If water happens to seep into any part of the logic board or into the charging port, your phone could be facing an inevitable demise. Keeping a safe distance between your mobile device and your beverage is a small adjustment to make that can prevent a big problem.

In the end, unfortunately, accidents do happen. And it goes without saying that some situations are more preventable than others. However, making sure that you aren’t taking unnecessary risks, potentially investing in a water-proof casing, and getting some phone insurance can help add a little security and comfort to what can become an expensive mistake.

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