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    Cover everything your device's warranty doesn't

    Most phones, laptops, and other electronic devices come with a standard warranty that only covers manufacturer defects. Electronics can be a significant purchase, though, and it's reasonable to consider additional cell phone insurance, computer and laptop insurance, or electronics insurance to protect your new gadget.

    Here's what you get with Progressive® Phone & Electronic Device Insurance provided by Worth Ave. Group:

    • You're protected from drops, theft, and water damage even when your warranty stops
    • You get coverage immediately, and you're covered everywhere you go
    • Two years of coverage only costs a fraction of what your device costs
    • It doesn't matter when your phone or device was purchased or if it's used
    • You get a discount when you choose to purchase through Progressive

    Worth Ave. Group pays out an average of $398.71 for repair claims. At less than $8 per month for a policy, insurance for electronics can be well worth it.*

    There's a good chance you've dropped your phone or tablet and shattered the screen. It happens to the best of us. Perhaps you've spilled water on your gaming console or had your camera stolen after setting it down in a public place. In most of these scenarios, your device isn't covered under the manufacturer's standard warranty.

    That's where electronic device insurance comes in. It covers slips, accidents, and even those didn't-mean-to moments your warranty doesn't, including cracked screens, liquid damage, theft, and even drops. There's no age limit for your device, and you're covered internationally. Plus, you'll get a 5% discount when you buy through Progressive.

    Which devices can electronics insurance cover?

    Insurance protects your electronics beyond what the manufacturer's warranty covers, so you can be sure you're protected for accidents and natural disasters. You can insure almost any electronic device through Progressive, including:

    • Mobile and smart phones
    • Laptops and computers
    • iPads, tablets, and e-readers
    • iPods and other MP3 players
    • Gaming systems
    • Cameras

    If you're still on the fence about insuring your electronic devices, see these comparison charts to decide what's right for you.

    Devices repaired and ready in no time

    If your electronic device is damaged, your covered repairs will be taken care of for you. Just submit a claim, and your claims representative will either direct you to a repair shop or have you mail the device into a repair shop cost-free.

    Free overnight shipping & handling

    Once the repairs are complete, your device will be shipped overnight back to you. Most repairs have a 90-day guarantee and shipping costs are 100% covered.

    Also, if your device can't be repaired from a covered loss, you'll get reimbursed for its current market value.

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