Why do thieves steal car batteries?

As long as they can get the hood open, car batteries are pretty easy for thieves to remove and then sell. That makes them a common target for thieves, right alongside catalytic converters.

How to secure a car battery

Replacing a stolen car battery can be a hassle. Here are a few tips to help you prevent battery theft:

  • Buy a battery lockbox: A battery lockbox locks your battery in the car. Installing one won't prevent would-be thieves from popping the hood, but they will have to work harder to get the battery out.
  • Get an alarm: Window alarms are small, inexpensive, and easy to use. Place them under the hood so they go off when someone opens it. Hopefully, the sound will be enough to scare thieves away.
  • Use a hood lock: Get a hood lock that further secures the hood.
  • Rethink how you park: Park in a spot that makes it challenging for someone to gain access to the car or may be too public to risk a theft.
  • Record them: Install a security camera on the exterior of your home to catch thieves in action. The presence of visible security cameras may serve as a deterrent too.
  • Enlist your neighbors: Alert your neighbors to a recent theft or attempt so they can be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

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What to do when someone steals your car battery

The first thing you should do is file a police report. You may not get your battery back, but reporting the incident lets police in your area know to be on the lookout for the perpetrators, especially if such thefts are becoming frequent.

Should I file an insurance claim for a stolen car battery?

If your comprehensive deductible is higher than the cost to replace the battery, then it's generally not worth filing a claim. But if the thief scratched the paint or damaged the hood, the repair bill may be much higher. In that case, it might make sense to file an auto insurance claim. But first, you need to determine the cost of a new battery and get a quote for any other repairs. Compare the total to your car insurance deductible to decide whether filing a claim is worth it.

How to add comprehensive coverage

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