Does renters insurance cover temporary housing?

Loss of use coverage on your renters insurance policy may pay for additional living expenses, up to your policy’s limit, when a covered peril makes your rental uninhabitable or not suitable to live in while it's under repair.

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Does renters insurance cover a hotel stay?

Hotel reimbursement may be covered by renters insurance, under your loss of use coverage, if you can't stay in your rental home while it's being repaired. Your hotel room must typically be similar with your rental accommodations. So, if you live in a studio apartment, you may not be able to book a full hotel suite and should first confirm if this would be covered.

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What else does renters insurance cover for temporary relocation?

Renters insurance displacement expenses may include other living costs above and beyond what you normally pay, subject to your insurer, policy, and coverage limits.


If you don't have access to a kitchen, your loss of use coverage may help pay for your meals, over and above what you would typically spend on groceries.


Renters insurance may cover the cost of your laundry expenses, over and above what you'd normally pay. The expenses would be covered if you had access to an in-unit washer and dryer and had to pay at a laundromat while you were displaced. But if you already were using a coin-operated machine in your building, your laundry expense likely wouldn't be covered.


If you have to remove your personal property from your rental and put it in storage while repairs are being made, loss of use coverage may pay for the cost of the storage unit rental. Learn about how renters insurance covers storage units.


If you have to pay for parking in your temporary housing location, and you didn't have to pay for parking at your rental home, your loss of use coverage may pay for the expense.

How do I get covered for my temporary housing expenses?

To get your loss of use expenses from your renters insurance reimbursed, keep receipts for every aspect of your displacement — hotel, food, laundry, storage, and gas. Your insurance company will usually require proof of your expenses, so it's vital to document and itemize those transactions.

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