Does car color affect insurance rates?

The color of your car doesn't affect your insurance rate. Instead, your insurance company uses other information, like your car's age, location, usage, and your driving record, to help determine insurance rates. Learn more about the cost factors that impact rates.

Custom paint jobs are another story; if you add a custom paint job to your vehicle, optional custom parts and equipment coverage can be added to your policy to protect the added value.

Do red cars get more tickets?

Many people believe that red cars get pulled over more often than other vehicles, but there isn't any conclusive data to verify this claim. When police pull someone over, the reason is typically the driver's behavior, not the vehicle itself.

Other auto insurance myths

Comprehensive coverage is the same as full coverage

While the word "comprehensive" may imply that something is all-inclusive, comprehensive coverage only protects you from things that are out of your control, like theft and vandalism. It won't cover a vehicle collision with another car or object.

Learn more about comprehensive insurance and full coverage car insurance.

Cheap cars cost less to insure

If your cheaper car has a large engine, weighs a lot, lacks safety features, or is an unusual model, it may cost more to insure than a more expensive, smaller car. However, a less expensive car will usually result in a lower premium for comprehensive coverage.

Personal auto insurance covers my vehicle for business use

Although your personal policy typically covers you for business errands, a commercial auto policy will be required if you're using your vehicle for delivery services, or if you have a specific vehicle type that's used for business purposes. You may also need rideshare insurance if you're transporting passengers for a fee with apps like Uber and Lyft.

My credit score will be impacted when I get an insurance quote

Insurance companies may view your credit report as part of determining your insurance score, which is a number that is used to predict your odds of filing a claim. The credit pull is a soft inquiry, however, so your credit score won't be impacted in any way. This means that you can get multiple insurance quotes in one day with no impact to your credit score.

Other drivers could impact my rate

This can be true because location is such a critical factor when calculating your insurance rate. A dramatic increase in traffic or accidents within your ZIP code could lead to a more expensive rate due to a higher risk of claims. On the other hand, a ZIP code with lighter traffic and fewer accidents could lower your rate.

This can also be true when accidents that aren't your fault occur. In some states, you won't see a rate increase, but in others, your insurance company may increase your rate.

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