How to customize a motorcycle

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If you ride a motorcycle, you will likely appreciate individuality. That’s why it’s typical for a biker to want to customize a motorcycle to reflect their unique personality. That might involve customizing the style or adding standout features.

Many people believe owning a custom ride is out of reach. Maybe they think it’s too expensive or difficult to customize a motorcycle. Even if you don’t have the skills of a mechanic, customizing your motorcycle is achievable for anyone

Considerations for customizing a motorcycle

1. Figure out what type of rider you are

Before you find a motorcycle to customize, you need to decide what kind of riding you plan to do. Are you planning on short day trips or long-distance rides? You might love the look of a retro cafe racer, but if you’re dreaming of riding cross county, you might want to reconsider that hunched riding position.

2. Decide what type of motorcycle to buy

Once you’ve determined the type of riding you plan to do, you need to decide what type of motorcycle to buy. Will it be a sport bike, cruiser, chopper, or adventure bike? Maybe you’re a die-hard Harley-Davidson fan, or you’ve always dreamed of a Triumph Bonneville. Do your research to see what suits you best.

When shopping for their first motorcycle, many new riders think they need to find a bike that’s an automatic fit for their personality. They search to buy a motorcycle from a dealer who has the bike that perfectly matches the motorcycle they had in mind. But it may be a lot more fun and rewarding to start with a stock motorcycle that you can modify to suit your taste.

Whether you choose a shiny motorcycle fresh off the showroom floor or decide on a “fixer-upper” project, you can make it your own. Put together your motorcycle customization ideas and fine-tune your ride from there. Learn more about buying a new vs. used motorcycle.

Motorcycle customization ideas

Get new tires

When customizing a motorcycle, you might want to start from the ground up — with the tires. New tires might sound like an obvious swap, but no matter how great your motorcycle looks, you won’t get far without a set of premium tires.

Tire technology has greatly changed in the past ten years. With so many kinds to choose from — sport, cruising, touring, adventure — there are models for on-road or off-road travel or a combination of both.

Get a new seat

Riding position is another important function to consider. If you’re not comfortable with the current seat height, you might be able to get a shorter custom seat or a lowering kit to bring the ground a little closer.

Adjust the levers

Whether it’s a cruiser or a sport bike, something as simple as new handlebars or foot pegs can create a more (or less) aggressive riding position. Adjustable levers can help you get a better grip on the clutch and front brake if you have small hands.

Make popular upgrades

There are other functional upgrades you might want to consider for a customized motorcycle. Looking to give your bike a performance boost? Many companies create aftermarket exhausts that can get you the power and sound you crave. Check out more motorcycle safety and technology features to customize your motorcycle to the max.

Restore a vintage motorcycle

Sometimes, you can restore much of your vintage bike to stock, but damaged or out-of-date parts often lend themselves to a more custom approach. For example, suspension has come a long way since the ’70s and ’80s. So, you can replace or even redesign the rear suspension to improve the bike’s performance. Transforming an older bike into a work of art doesn’t always require an overhaul. Even a new tank can completely alter the bike’s lines, whether it’s secondhand, custom, or aftermarket.

Then there’s the paint and finishes to consider. Simply polishing a tarnished, tired side cover can help customize a motorcycle. A good automotive painter can help you bring almost any motorcycle customization idea to life with many paint and powder coating options.

You put significant time and effort into creating your dream ride, so make sure you protect your investment. Get a quote for custom motorcycle insurance today.

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