How to prevent motorcycle theft

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You’ve invested a lot in your bike. Beyond the cost of your motorcycle, you’ve likely spent plenty on motorcycle tech and accessories, motorcycle customizations, and saddlebags. Now it’s time to think about motorcycle theft prevention. By following a few simple rules, combined with any of the following security devices, you can deter and prevent motorcycle theft.

Tips for motorcycle theft prevention

Use a motorcycle cover

Covers vary in the protection they offer. Some motorcycle covers protect your bike from view and minor weather patterns. Other manufacturers, such as Dowco and Harley-Davidson, offer all-weather covers with optional alarms that are triggered when someone removes the cover. Picking the right one for your budget and circumstances can both improve your motorcycle security and help you keep up with routine motorcycle maintenance.

Use a motorcycle lock

Several locking systems are available for your motorcycle for motorcycle theft protection. Some are more likely to deter thieves, such as handlebar, throttle, U-locks, or disc locks. Others, such as chain and padlock combinations, may prevent the more determined thief from making off with your bike more effectively. Perhaps the best of the deterrence devices are disc locks. These locks attach to either the front or rear brake discs and, when attached, prevent the motorcycle from rolling more than a few inches.

No matter what you anchor your bike to, thread your chain lock through your bike’s frame, not a wheel. The best motorcycle chain locks are made of hardened steel and are at least 15mm in diameter — look at Kryptonite, Abus, and Xena.

Install a motorcycle security system

There is no shortage of advanced motorcycle technology solutions for motorcycle theft prevention. Motion-detecting and shock-sensing alarms, for example, are so loud that potential thieves and anyone nearby will run away, plugging their ears. Some motorcycle security systems combine audible alarms with a keyless ignition lock. In addition to the alarm, these cut power to the ignition when you walk away from the bike. The bike will not start without the wireless key fob, giving you the added convenience of keyless ignition.

If you used every motorcycle anti-theft solution available, and somebody still stole your bike, you might locate it using a GPS tracking device. These are tiny boxes that you can hide on your bike. Most are battery-powered or can be hard-wired to your bike. Some use cellular phone networks, while others offer better coverage via satellite. All require a subscription to a tracking service allowing you to track the location of your bike through an app on a mobile phone or internet browser.

With so many motorcycle security and anti-theft options available, consider your specific situation, such as where you live, park, and ride. By assessing the risk of theft or vandalism and using common-sense practices combined with a practical security device, your bike will be much more secure, and you will sleep easier at night. Learn more about motorcycle technology and safety.

Motorcycle security beyond anti-theft systems

Modern bikes carry more high-tech motorcycle safety features that can increase costs. Fortunately, in addition to using motorcycle security systems, purchasing motorcycle insurance with motorcycle comprehensive coverage can offer further protection if you’re a victim of motorcycle theft. Learn more about how motorcycle insurance covers theft.

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