What are mobile home roof overs?

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A mobile home “roof over” is an optional add-on that helps protect the roof of a manufactured house. They’re installed over the existing roof and tend to be low-sloped or flat. A roof over can shield your original roof from the weather and reduce wear and tear. It also adds an extra layer of insulation, improving energy efficiency and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature in both hot and cold climates.

What are the different mobile home roofing options?

Mobile home roof overs prevent damage to a healthy roof. However, if your roof isn’t in great condition, installing a mobile home roof over is like putting a band-aid over a serious wound. It may be a quick fix, but it won’t solve the underlying issue.

Kate Diaz, co-founder of home improvement website Swanky Den, recommends swapping your mobile home roof over with a complete roof replacement if you notice leaks in the roof, signs of water damage in your mobile home, or shingles that are curling/buckling.

You may also consider replacing your roof if it’s more than 20 years old. If you’re unsure whether a roof over or a full replacement is the better option, schedule a roof inspection to get a professional opinion. Learn more about when to replace a roof.

How to decide on installing a mobile home roof over

When deciding whether to install a mobile home roof over, consider the climate you live in and the condition of your roof to see if it’s worth the investment.

The climate you live in

Vicky Noufal, the owner of Platinum Group Real Estate in Virginia, suggests installing a roof over it if you live in an area prone to severe weather, such as hurricanes or high levels of rain or snow. A roof over can provide extra protection to slow down the wear and tear on your original roof. Noufal says that many roof overs are made via a mechanical heat-sealing process.

This process creates a watertight seal to prevent elements like rain and snow from penetrating through to your original roof. If you live in an area prone to these weather events, each storm will speed up the wear-and-tear process on the original roof.

The condition of your roof

If your existing roof only has minor wear and tear, installing a roof over could prolong its life. It also costs less to install a roof over than to replace an existing roof. Also, consider whether your mobile home insurance policy offers protection for your roof and add-ons like a roof over. Learn more about how mobile home insurance works.

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