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Questions to ask before hiring a pet sitter

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You love your pets and want the best care for them. You also want to be there for them, but that’s not always possible. Your next best choice is to hire a pet sitter who will give your pet as much love and attention as you do. Choosing a reliable, caring pet sitter isn’t difficult, especially if you know what to ask. Here are five key questions to ask a pet sitter.

5 questions to ask a pet sitter

1. Why do you enjoy being a pet sitter?

This open-ended question gets the conversation flowing between you and the candidate. By listening to how they talk about animals, you can quickly get a feel for their personality and decide if they’re a good match. Based on their answers, determine whether the sitter enjoys caring for animals or views it as a way to earn money.

2. What is your pet sitting experience?

It’s essential to ask how long they’ve been caring for animals. You want to ensure you’re hiring someone responsible and trained to handle your pet in any emergency. Find out if the candidate has any professional training with animals, such as a vet tech or groomer.

3. What services do you provide?

Let the pet sitter know what services you’re expecting and any specific needs your pet has. For example, some sitters offer both house and pet sitting services, while others will only watch pets in their own homes. Some sitters may not feel comfortable taking care of multiple pets in your home.

Before meeting with the candidate, consider these questions to ask a dog or cat sitter:

  1. Can you follow a daily feeding schedule?
  2. If needed, can you provide around-the-clock care?
  3. Will the sitter be able to handle both cats and dogs?
  4. How much exercise will your pet require each day?
  5. Will the sitter feel comfortable caring for pets with unique health and dietary needs?
  6. Do they have experience giving medication and shots?
  7. Has the sitter previously cared for your specific breed or older pets?

4. What are your fees, and do I need to sign a contract?

Ask the sitter upfront about their fees and if they require that you sign a contract. Before signing a contract and agreeing to their fees, ensure you clearly understand their rates — do they charge hourly or daily? Also, be very clear about your expectations regarding duties and responsibilities.

5. Can you provide a list of past clients?

Ask previous clients about their personal experiences before hiring a pet sitter. Consider what questions to ask a pet sitter’s references. You can ask if they were pleased with the sitter’s services and if they would hire the sitter again to watch their pet. It may also be important to ask if the pet requires any medical attention while in the sitter’s care.

Before you start setting up interviews with potential pet sitters, it makes sense to create a pet sitting checklist, so you’ll be fully prepared when choosing the best fit for your pet. Loving your pet means keeping them protected as best you can. Learn about pet insurance and how pet insurance works.

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