Before The Storm

Before a storm hits, you can take a few steps to prepare your boat and keep it safe. Our helpful boat videos guide you through storm readiness planning, types of equipment you may need to prepare your boat for a storm, and concerns you may have about mooring locations, marinas, boat insurance and more.

Develop Your Plan (3:43)

The best storm preparation plans start with an objective measure of when your plan will go into effect. Watch to see what other tips you can follow to prepare your boat for a storm.

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Equipment (0:46)

Having your boat prepared with the proper equipment and being certain of its condition needs to be part of your yearly preseason inspection. See what items you should have on hand to ready your vessel for a storm.

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Mooring Concerns (1:34)

Selecting a proper location can be the difference between whether or not your boat survives a storm. Here are some more mooring considerations to remember.

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Marina Concerns (2:39)

Be familiar with how your marina handles boats during a storm. Our video points out other items of note if you plan to keep your boat at a marina during a storm.

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Contracts Concerns (1:32)

Review your boat insurance policy and make sure you understand your responsibilities in a storm. See what other documents to have on hand - and on your boat - in case of a storm.

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Test Your Plan (1:32)

Once you have developed your plan and assembled emergency supplies and all necessary equipment, it's time to test your storm plan. Here's how to do it.

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