How does boat insurance cover damage from a storm?

Boats frequently experience damage during storms, and your boat insurance policy’s physical damage coverages can pay for damages to your watercraft resulting from covered perils such as a windstorm or hail. If you have a liability-only boat policy, any damages to your watercraft won’t be covered.

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Does boat insurance cover hurricane damage?

Your boat insurer may pay for damage to your boat caused by wind and hail from a hurricane, unless explicitly stated otherwise in your policy. Contact your boat insurer to see how you’re covered in case of a hurricane.

Does boat insurance cover a sinking vessel?

Your policy’s physical damage coverages can pay for removing the boat from the water as well as damages to your watercraft. Depending on your policy, your insurer may pay you the fair market value of your watercraft or the agreed value. Your boat insurer may also offer optional coverage for personal belongings lost or damaged in a boat accident.

Will insurance cover a leak in the boat's hull?

Typically, boat insurance can cover damages caused by a leak in the hull if you carry physical damage coverages. That also applies if the leak is a result of storm damage or another covered peril. Note that your boat policy won’t cover the actual leak or any other issues due to wear and tear or lack of maintenance.

How does boat insurance cover damage you’re liable for due to a storm?

Property damage liability coverage covers any damage you cause to someone else's dock, boat, property or structures.

How can I avoid my boat getting caught in a storm?

If you're a new boat owner, learn how to prepare for hurricane season. Always check weather reports in advance and keep an eye on the horizon for unexpected weather. Here are some indications that bad weather could be approaching:

  • Flat clouds getting lower and thicker
  • Sudden drop in temperature
  • Flashes on the horizon
  • Dark clouds to the west or southwest
  • Puffy clouds that rise vertically