How to protect an RV from a hurricane

Forceful winds and rain from a hurricane can be damaging to your motorhome or travel trailer. Your RV is often one of your most valuable assets, so make sure to have a plan in place to protect your investment in advance of severe weather. Park your RV in an enclosed storage facility, if possible. If your RV is parked outside, securely attach your motorhome or travel trailer to the ground with strong anchors. If you must evacuate in your RV during a hurricane, prepare an emergency RV kit with essential items.

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How to anchor your RV for high winds

High winds can drag your RV off the road and cause serious damage. Here are some tips for correctly positioning your RV during a windstorm:

  • Stay off the road: Once you've checked your local weather forecast and confirmed the threat of severe weather, don’t drive your motorhome or tow your travel trailer. If you're already on the road when a hurricane hits, pull over immediately. You should never attempt to drive through water.

  • Park your RV in a sheltered area: If you don't have the option to station your RV at an enclosed storage facility, you can reduce exposure to high winds by parking behind a large building or hill. If you're at a campsite, make sure your RV isn’t parked near a tree.

  • Securely attach your RV to the ground: RV anchor kits are inexpensive and provide stability against damaging winds. In addition to straps and chains, RV kits include heavy-duty anchors or stakes and instructions for installation. You can also use stabilizing jacks or mobile home anchors, assuming they're the right size and weight, to secure your RV.

  • Remove or retract your RV's awnings: Hurricanes can cause significant awning damage, and removing or retracting of the awnings may prevent them from being ripped or torn off from heavy winds.

More tips to prepare your RV for a hurricane

Check out these additional precautions to help protect your RV during hurricane season:

  • Secure the exterior: Patio furniture, grills, camping equipment, and any loose items that may be compromised during a windstorm should be put away.

  • Check your RV’s windows and seals: Heavy rains can cause significant water damage to your motorhome or travel trailer, so inspect your RV for any leaks and take the time to seal them properly.

  • Disconnect utilities: Before a storm arrives, turn off your RV's water, electricity, and propane. This may prevent damage to your RV’s systems and safeguard against a power surge.

  • Document your belongings: Take photos of the interior or exterior of your RV and create an inventory for the items in your motorhome or travel trailer. This may assist you if you need to file an RV insurance claim.

Pro tip:

Always have an evacuation plan for your RV in case of severe weather. When authorities issue an evacuation, follow the order immediately for your own safety. Plan your RV's route to safety in advance and keep alternate directions in case of road closures.

What does an emergency RV kit contain?

If you plan to evacuate in your RV or your motorhome or travel trailer is your full-time residence, stock up with the following items:

  • Water

  • Non-perishable foods

  • Portable generator

  • Batteries

  • Medications

  • First aid kit

  • Repair tape

  • Sleeping bags

  • Spare tire

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Flashlights

Important documents, such as your vehicle registration, title, and homeowners/RV insurance policy, should be stored in a plastic bag.

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