Does RV insurance cover hail?

Your RV insurance policy’s comprehensive coverage can pay to repair or even replace your motorhome or travel trailer due to hail damage, minus your comprehensive deductible. Comprehensive coverage comes standard on travel trailer policies and is optional for motorhome policies unless you’re financing or leasing your motorhome. Without comprehensive coverage on your motorhome policy, damage from hail won’t be covered by your RV insurer.

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What are the most common types of RV hail damage?

Both large and small hailstones can dent or crack the roof, windows, siding, solar panels, and awning of your motorhome or travel trailer. You might notice chipped or peeling paint on the panels of your RV after a hailstorm. If your RV is made of fiberglass, you may see spider cracks. Hail damage can also damage your RV’s air conditioner, vents, and skylights.

If your RV’s roof is rubber, then you may avoid damage from smaller hailstones, but large chunks of hail could cause notable cracking. Aluminum roofs are more likely to show scratches, dents, and cracks when pelted by hail.

Small pellets of hail on windshield

When does insurance cover RV hail damage?

RV comprehensive coverage protects against weather-related events and covers hail damage to your motorhome or travel trailer, minus your deductible, if your vehicle needs to be repaired or even replaced. If you finance or lease your motorhome, lenders generally require comprehensive coverage. If your motorhome is paid off and you choose not to carry comprehensive on your RV policy, damage from hail won’t be covered.

You typically won’t have the option to decline comprehensive coverage when purchasing an RV policy for a vehicle that you tow—travel trailer policies will usually automatically include comprehensive coverage.

If there’s minimal hail damage to your RV, filing a claim may be nullified by your comprehensive deductible amount. Many RV insurers offer a $1,000 deductible for your RV’s comprehensive coverage, which brings down the cost of your policy compared to carrying a $250 or $500 deductible. If you choose a $1,000 RV comprehensive deductible, understand that RV hail damage repair costs under $1,000 will come out of your own pocket.

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Do you need protection against RV hail damage? reports that two of the earth’s top ten costliest storm events for insurance losses, from 1900-2022, were hailstorms in the United States. Hailstorms can cause severe damage to your RV while stationary or on the road, so coverage can be essential, especially if you use your RV as your permanent residence or vacation home. Moreover, your motorhome or travel trailer is often one of your most valuable assets and should be safeguarded as such.

Can you fix RV hail damage on your own?

Depending on the amount of hail damage, repairing your RV can be a DIY job. Minor scratches on aluminum may be able to be removed with scratch remover fluid and microfiber cloths. Scratched paint can be fixed with sandpaper and an automotive scratch repair kit. But if you have to replace the front and end panels, you often need an expert professional for removal as well as the cutting, installing, sealing, and painting of new panels. And, if the roof of your travel trailer or motorhome is significantly damaged, your insurer may pay to replace your RV, minus your deductible, if you carry the right coverage.

How to prevent RV hail damage

Protecting your motorhome or travel trailer from damage can be as simple as keeping your RV in storage or parking it under a sturdy shelter like a carport or garage. If your vehicle must be parked outside, you can purchase a hail cover or “jacket” specifically designed for RVs. If you have solar panels made of glass on your RV, an RV jacket is probably imperative. Of course, if you’re on the road or at an RV park, check the weather forecast—hailstorms are more than likely predictable.

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