Does RV insurance cover power surge damage?

RV insurance may cover damage to your motorhome or travel trailer caused by a power surge, depending on the cause. If the power surge resulted from a covered peril, then your RV policy's comprehensive coverage may pay for the damage, minus your deductible. If the power surge was caused by negligence, such as a lack of upkeep or faulty wiring, then any consequent damage isn’t likely to be covered.

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What is an RV power surge?

When a sudden voltage spike travels through your RV, a power surge may happen and disable your vehicle, including the electronics and appliances inside. Too much power can also damage electrical outlets and wiring in your motorhome or travel trailer and cause a fire.

Lightning strikes often cause power surges. Power surges can also be caused by an out-of-date or faulty electrical system, fallen trees, wildlife, or an accident with a motor vehicle.

How does RV insurance cover a power surge?

If your RV policy contains comprehensive and collision coverages, which protect your motorhome or travel trailer against physical damage, then your RV insurer may pay for damage caused by a power surge in certain situations, such as:

  • Hitting an animal
  • Colliding with a motor vehicle
  • Fallen tree
  • Severe weather

If the surge was caused by damaged outlets at your campground or RV park, your RV policy typically won't cover the damage.

Does RV insurance cover lightning damage?

Weather-related damage to your motorhome or travel trailer is typically covered under your RV policy, assuming you carry comprehensive coverage, which protects against events beyond your control. So, if your RV sustains damage from a power surge caused by a lightning strike, your RV policy can pay to repair the damage minus your deductible.

How to protect your RV against power surge damage

Follow these steps to safeguard against a power surge and power damage to your RV and items inside your RV:

Utilize surge protectors: A surge protector ensures that dangerous amounts of electricity won't damage your RV's appliances or electrical systems.

Unplug your devices: Especially before a storm hits, make sure to unplug your electronics when not in use.

Inspect your RV for faulty wiring: Old wiring can malfunction and cause a power surge and fire.

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