Can you get car insurance without a license?

It's possible to get car insurance with no license, and if someone other than you will be driving your vehicle, it's necessary. But some companies may be wary of insuring customers without a license, while some states require you to list at least one licensed driver on the policy.

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How can I purchase auto insurance without a driver's license?

Some insurance companies let the person buying the auto insurance policy designate someone other than themselves as the primary driver — that's the person who will be driving the car the most. But other insurers don't, so you may need to shop around to find a company that offers auto insurance for unlicensed drivers.

When buying car insurance for the first time, the insurer typically asks for your driver's license number so they can check your driving history— this helps insurers determine what your rate should be. If you don't have a license, the insurer may ask for the driver's license number of the primary driver instead. They may use this person's driving history to determine your auto insurance premium. If that driver has a less-than-stellar record, you may end up paying higher rates.

The insurer might also list you as an excluded driver on the policy. That means the company won't cover any claims that occur if you decide to take the car for a spin and an incident occurs. Remember -- it's illegal to drive without a license, even if the vehicle is insured.

Do I need car insurance without a license?

If you own a car but don't drive, there are several reasons you may want to purchase auto insurance:

  • Your status as an unlicensed driver isn't permanent. If you have your learner's permit and are working toward getting your license, you need insurance before you can get behind the wheel. If you stopped driving because of a treatable health condition or other temporary situation, you might want to maintain coverage if you plan to drive again in the future.
  • Your child drives and they're under 18. Insurance policies are considered legally binding contracts between the policyholder and the insurer. You must be at least 18 years old to sign a contract in most states. If your child has a license but hasn't turned 18, you can buy a policy and list them as a licensed driver.
  • Your license gets suspended. You might not be driving for a while if your license has been suspended. But maintaining continuous insurance coverage can help you save when you get behind the wheel again. Plus, you typically need to show that you have coverage before the state will reinstate your license.
  • Someone else drives your car. If your spouse, child, caregiver, or another person who doesn't own the vehicle drives it, it's important to have insurance so they have coverage while driving. Even if someone who doesn't own your car borrows your car occasionally, it's a good idea to maintain insurance.
  • You have a classic car. If you have classic car insurance or keep your car in storage, you might not need collision coverage or medical payments coverage, but you may want to insure it against theft or vandalism. Some insurers let you keep comprehensive coverage while dropping other coverages you don't need.

Who should I list as the primary driver if I buy car insurance without a license?

The person you list as the primary driver should be the one who will most frequently be using the vehicle. If you're married and have children, it might be your spouse or child. If you have a health condition that prevents you from driving, it could be a caregiver who drives you to appointments or helps you run errands.

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