What is a deer whistle for a car?

A car deer whistle (also called a deer horn) is a small device that is meant to deter deer from entering the road or get them to run away. These deer warning devices for cars are usually mounted around the grill and produce a sound intended to scare deer and encourage them to keep their distance.

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How do deer horns work?

Like other whistles, deer whistles are powered by moving air. Thanks to the deer whistle's placement on the front of the car, the airflow generated by the moving car enters the whistle to produce a sound. Some manufacturers produce paired whistles with different sounds for bucks and does.

Do deer whistles work?

Data currently doesn't support the idea that deer whistles work in reducing deer-vehicle collisions. According to a study from 2003, deer whistles are unlikely to produce a sound loud enough for deer to hear at a sufficient distance to avoid traffic encounters. Also, some whistles produce sounds at a frequency that deer can't easily hear. A 2018 review of scientific literature by Iowa State University indicates inconclusive data on the device's effectiveness but confirms they don't have any proven efficacy in preventing deer-vehicle collisions.

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Should you get a deer whistle for your car?

While it's unclear whether deer whistles work or not, their low cost leads many drivers to use them as a precaution — especially given the much higher cost of colliding with a deer.

If you're concerned about deer-vehicle collisions or live in an area with a high incidence of deer-vehicle collisions, you may also consider adding comprehensive car insurance coverage to your auto insurance policy. This coverage protects against unexpected hazards, including damage from wildlife collisions.

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