You're covered in a variety of accidents and situations

  • You hit an animal
  • An animal runs into your car
  • An animal burrows into your car (sounds crazy, but sometimes raccoons tear into seat cushions, or rodents make nests under the hood)

Note: Your vehicle can still be covered if you swerve to avoid hitting an animal and then hit another vehicle/object or overturn your car. But, that would instead be covered by collision and not comprehensive. Collision is also an optional coverage.

See a comparison of comprehensive vs. collision.

What to do when you hit a deer

  1. Move your vehicle to the side of the road, away from the animal

  2. Call the police and let them know if the animal is blocking the road

  3. Stay away from the deer or animal! The police are responsible for moving it, and it may be frightened and could harm you

  4. Contact your insurance company to file a claim (Progressive customers: or call 1-866-749-7436)

  5. Double-check your car to make sure it's safe to drive, specifically looking for leaking fluid, broken lights, a hood that won't stay latched, etc.

    If you have roadside assistance or comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy with Progressive, we'll even help with towing.

Heads up: You'll have to pay your comprehensive deductible

When you added comprehensive insurance, you picked your deductible (usually between $100-$2,000). If you file a claim, you'll just have to pay that portion and your insurer will cover the rest.

Explore more on how car insurance deductibles work.

Does hitting a deer raise your insurance?

Accidents with deer are considered random events that you have little control over. So, it's usually considered a not-at-fault accident. In many states, you won't see an increase at all. But in other states, your company could increase your rate—so it depends on your state and your insurance company.