Do you need to be insured to take a driving test?

Nearly every state requires car insurance to take a driving test. The individual driver doesn't need to have their own insurance policy if they borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member who has insurance. If you're taking your driving test with a vehicle owned by a driving school, then you typically don't need your own insurance as the school should already provide it.

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What are the insurance requirements for a driving test?

Whether you take a driving test at a state department or bureau of motor vehicles (DMV or BMV) location or with a certified instructor at a driving school, most states require that the car or driver is insured. Those requirements may differ if your test is conducted by an instructor at a driving school on private property, but the school's policy usually covers the vehicle.

If you're using your own car for a driving test, insurance is required for that vehicle. You should be prepared to share your insurance card or other paperwork before getting behind the wheel with the instructor. If you're borrowing a vehicle for the test, you'll need to show proof of insurance from the car's owner. As long as the owner permits you to use the vehicle, they don't necessarily need to be present during the test.

If I'm using my parent's car, do I need car insurance to take a driving test?

You should be covered under your parent's car insurance policy as long as you're listed as a driver on their policy. As soon as you obtain a license or a learner's permit, your parents should add you to their auto insurance policy so you're covered when driving their car.

Can I get temporary driving test insurance?

Most insurance companies offer auto policies in six-month increments. While shorter-term auto policies are sometimes available, you may want to consider purchasing a six-month policy and paying monthly. You can then cancel the insurance when you no longer need it.

In most cases, temporary driving test insurance is not necessary if you're borrowing a vehicle that has insurance.

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