When does auto insurance cover towing?

Whether your auto insurance will cover towing depends on your insurer and policy. Roadside assistance coverage can pay for a tow, up to a certain distance specified on your policy, if your vehicle is disabled. Your insurer might also cover the cost of towing if your vehicle is involved in a collision and you're unable to drive it.

What does roadside assistance cover?

Many insurance companies, including Progressive, offer roadside assistance as an optional coverage on your auto insurance policy. Progressive's roadside assistance can be used for the following:

  • Tow service for your vehicle within a 15-mile radius or to the closest qualified repair shop beyond 15 miles.
  • Winching services in case your car gets trapped in mud, snow, water, or sand (within 100 feet of a road or highway).
  • Jump-start services for a dead battery.
  • Towing for electric vehicles to the closest qualified charging facility.
  • Locksmith services if you lose your keys or accidentally lock them in your vehicle.
  • Help in changing a flat tire.
  • Fuel delivery (you pay for the cost of the fuel)

The majority of Progressive auto policyholders are eligible for roadside assistance coverage.

Does car insurance cover towing after an accident?

If you're involved in an accident caused by another driver, the cost of towing your vehicle may be covered under the at-fault driver's liability coverage. However, if you're found to be at fault for the accident, you may be responsible for towing expenses, depending on your coverage.

Does car insurance cover impound fees?

Your auto insurer insurance company won't cover impound or lot fees. Be sure to retrieve your car as quickly as possible from an impound lot. Depending on where your car is towed, you may only have a few days to recover your vehicle before additional fees are assessed.

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