Getting siding replaced by insurance

Extreme weather is one of the most common causes of siding damage, like siding being ripped by strong winds. Your homeowners insurance policy may cover incidents connected to extreme weather or storm damage if they're covered perils on your policy. Your policy may also cover damaged siding resulting from perils that aren't weather-related, like:

  • Vandalism and malicious mischief
  • Fire and smoke
  • Damage from aircraft
  • Damage from vehicles

When is siding not covered under my homeowners insurance?

Like any other part of your home, siding isn't protected by home insurance against everyday wear and tear. If your siding has simply degraded over time or if damage results from a lack of proper maintenance, you're responsible for the repair or replacement costs. Home insurance likely won't pay for things like purely cosmetic replacements to repair siding damage or damage already present when you bought the insurance or the home.

How does a siding damage insurance claim work?

Your claims adjuster may ask you questions about the damage to learn more about it. Keep in mind, if the siding damage is minor, you may consider getting an estimate before formally filing a claim. If the repairs cost less than your policy's deductible, it may not be worth filing a claim.

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