What's the difference between home insurance and warranty?

Although the customer experience for both a home warranty and home insurance are similar, there are some important differences.

Homeowners insurance

  • Covers your home's structure and anything permanently attached to your house
  • Covers structures that aren't permanently attached to your home
  • Pays to repair or replace your belongings
  • Pays for injuries or damages you or your family members cause to others

Learn more about what homeowners insurance covers and how home insurance works.

Home warranty

  • Covers major appliances and systems like ovens, boilers, and septic systems
  • Helps pay for repairs or replacements when covered systems fail due to age and normal wear and tear.

Learn more about how home warranties work, and if they are worth it.

Do I need both a home warranty and home insurance?

Most lenders require you to carry homeowners insurance for the duration of your mortgage. If you haven't yet finished paying off your house, you are likely required to have homeowners insurance. If you own your home outright, you can decide whether to carry homeowners insurance, but it can be a valuable lifeline if your home is damaged or destroyed.

On the other hand, home warranties aren't required by law or most lenders, so the choice is always up to you. Whether or not a home warranty is worth it depends on your priorities as a homeowner.

How to get a home warranty through Progressive

Progressive Home Warranty by Cinch offers three home warranty plans: Appliances, Built-in Systems, and Complete Home. To get started, you can get a home warranty quote online or call 1-866-749-7436.