Most insurers don't offer low-mileage car insurance

The term “low-mileage car insurance” is a bit of a myth, because most popular insurance companies will not base your rate on mileage alone. In fact, many insurance companies ask about and consider mileage, but they don't place much of an emphasis on it because drivers commonly overestimate and underestimate how much they drive.

High-mileage driver and looking for a better rate? Get an auto insurance quote with Progressive and in most states we won't charge you more because you drive a lot.*

We're miles ahead when it comes to rewarding low-mileage drivers

In most states, we won't ask how much you drive, but we still reward low-mileage drivers through our Snapshot® program. Snapshot personalizes your rate based on your ACTUAL driving, and it's available in nearly every state. Snapshot rewards drivers on a few key factors: How, how much, and when they drive. If you're a high-mileage driver, you can still earn a discount with Snapshot, especially if you drive safely and limit driving during higher risk hours. The highest risk hours are between midnight and 4 a.m.

See more on how you can save with Snapshot.

Does the number of miles on my car affect my rate?

No. Your car's age will impact your overall price for car insurance, but your odometer reading is completely meaningless to insurers. So no worries—go ahead and enjoy those big 100,000+ milestones knowing it won't change your rate.