Rooming together just got easier and more affordable

Merge your stuff and your insurance

Whether you’re getting a roomie or coupling up with a significant other, you’re going to start sharing many things, including toasters, furniture, bills and other expenses. But, did you know that you can share insurance and save? It’s true. Just add your roommate (could be a significant other, friend, family member or any one else you live with) to your policy and you can both save with a Multi-Car Discount. The average savings is 10%.

If you’re not ready to add your roomie yet, check out the Live it Up Guide for videos and advice from real roomies or our Tips for Merging Lives.

Or, if you are ready to add your roommate now, follow these steps to get your discount. You can save either way.

Already a Progressive customer?

  1. Log in and add a driver: Log In to your policy. Under “Drivers” click “Add.” Then, tell us when you want to add your roomie (you can always change this later).
  2. Add your roommate’s info: You’ll need their date of birth, years licensed, driver’s license number, vehicle information and driving history (last 3 years).
  3. Compare current and new rates: Compare your old rate + your roomie’s old rate to your new combined rate. See how much you can save, then click through to confirm the details.

Don’t have Progressive Insurance yet?

Just Get a car insurance quote and add your roommate today. You can still get the Multi-Car Discount.

Make a smooth move

From organizing moving boxes by room (makes for some mega-efficient unpacking!) to hiring professionals to give you a hand, here are some simple ways to save time and effort.

Settle in and start to mingle

The neighborhood might be new to at least one of you—it’s time to explore. Through Progressive, you can get $25 gift certificates for just $10, making it easy to find a favorite spot or two.

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