Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Snapshot

When you sign up for Snapshot®, you get to choose if you want to use the plug-in device or the mobile app. Both work very similarly and give you a discount for good driving, but there are slight differences. That’s why we grouped the common questions into general FAQs, FAQs about the mobile app, and FAQs about the plug-in device. You can click the specific link to jump straight to those FAQs.

General Snapshot questions

What is Snapshot?

Typically, car insurance rates are based on a variety of factors related to your driving history or the histories of drivers who are similar to you. Snapshot prices your insurance differently and personalizes your insurance rate based on your actual driving (called usage-based insurance). The better you drive, the more you can save.

How might Snapshot affect my rate?

With Snapshot, we measure a variety of factors related to your driving, including things such as the time of day you drive, sudden changes in speed (hard brakes and rapid accelerations), the amount you drive, and, for customers using the mobile app in some states, how you are using your mobile phone while driving.

Most Snapshot customers earn a discount based on their safe driving; however, riskier driving based on these factors indicate a greater likelihood of being in an accident and may result in a higher rate at renewal—depending on the state you live in and when you signed up for Snapshot.

See our state details page for more information.

How is the Snapshot Mobile app experience different from the Snapshot plug-in device experience?

The Snapshot Mobile app and the plug-in device experiences are very similar. For both, you get a participation discount just for signing up. The participation discount remains on your policy for the first policy period and is replaced at renewal by your personalized rate. The mobile app and the plug-in device use similar information to evaluate your driving and provide a personalized rate. In addition to the variables in common between the plug-in device and the mobile app, the app considers how you use your phone while driving. The mobile app gives you convenient access to driving data and feedback on your mobile phone. Additionally, there is no need to plug in a device or mail it back at the end of the program.

What information does Snapshot collect?

Snapshot collects information about how you drive, how much you drive, and when you drive. If you’re using the Snapshot Mobile app, details about your handheld phone use behind the wheel will also be collected. While location data is collected as well, it doesn’t impact the Snapshot results you earn. We’re committed to keeping your driving information secure.

For details, see the Snapshot Privacy Statement.

When do I learn about my rate change?

Look for regular email updates showing your progress during the Snapshot program. You can also log in to your policy at any time to see how you're doing. When you have completed monitoring, you will get an email with your Snapshot results and information on sending back the plug-in device or deleting the mobile app.

Can I opt out of Snapshot?

Sure. If you decide Snapshot isn't right for you, you can opt out at any time. If you received a Snapshot participation discount when you purchased your policy, you will lose that discount when you opt out of the program. Additionally, in some states and situations, if you opt out more than 45 days after enrollment, you may receive a surcharge to your policy at the next renewal.

Visit the details page to see specifics for your state.

How can I enroll in Snapshot?

You can enroll in the Snapshot program at the time you purchase your policy or by calling Progressive at 877-329-7283.

Questions about the Snapshot Mobile app only

Does the Snapshot Mobile app limit my ability to use my phone while driving?

No. The mobile app will not impact your ability to use any of your phone's regular features while driving or otherwise.

Does the app have GPS?

The Snapshot Mobile app uses GPS to calculate your speed over time. Location data is used only to provide trip information on the phone and is not used in determining your personalized rate.

Why does the Snapshot Mobile app need Wi-Fi?

The app uses Wi-Fi to send us your trip information. The app also uses Wi-Fi to more accurately determine when a trip begins and to complement GPS location data.

Is the Snapshot Mobile app a good fit for me?

The Snapshot Mobile app is a good fit if all drivers on the policy have an Android™ phone or iPhone® smartphone, and if the policy has an equal number of rated drivers and Snapshot eligible vehicles. Additionally, use of the Snapshot Mobile app requires that each of the vehicles be driven at least 300 miles per month.

Lastly, if any drivers on your policy are frequently driving vehicles not on the policy, the mobile program may not be a good fit. Some examples of this include delivery drivers and people driving a company car.

How does it work for multiple vehicles or drivers?

In order for a policy to be eligible for the Snapshot Mobile app, it must have an equal number of rated drivers and Snapshot eligible vehicles.

Each driver on the policy will have to download the Snapshot Mobile app on their smartphone. Additionally, during registration of the app, each driver will have to choose the vehicle that they drive most often. Each smartphone will then be associated with a vehicle. The smartphone will show each driver's driving data and it doesn’t matter if they sometimes drive a car on the policy other than the one associated with their phone.

If two drivers from the household are in a car together (for example, husband and wife), the mobile app should be able to determine who is the driver and only collect trip data for that person. However, in the instance that the phone app registers the trip for both individuals, we provide the opportunity, in the app, to correct the trip information.

Why can't I see the Snapshot Mobile app in the App Store?

If you cannot see the app in the App Store, it is because your phone is not supported. If you have already signed up for the mobile program, please call us at 877-329-7283 to switch to the plug-in device.

How long do I leave the app on my phone?

The app will typically need to remain on your phone through your first policy period. We will contact you when you have completed monitoring with instructions for deleting the app. After monitoring is complete, the app will no longer collect driving information.

Can I switch to a device?

Yes, you can switch to a plug-in device by calling us at 877-329-7283.

What happens if I'm traveling internationally?

In addition to contacting your mobile carrier to discuss your plan and international implications, you should pause the app for the time period that you know you will be out of the country.

Does the Snapshot Mobile app know who I am calling?

No. Snapshot collects phone usage only while you are driving, and does not know who you are calling or otherwise contacting.

How do I get the app on my phone? Does it cost anything?

The Snapshot Mobile app is available free of charge to Progressive Snapshot Mobile customers. Simply go to Google Play™ or the Apple® App Store to download. Or follow the link we provide you in your welcome email. From there, you can follow the instructions for registration.

What do I do if I’m having trouble with registration?

For people that download the app and are not Progressive Snapshot customers—you are not able to register and use the Snapshot Mobile app. If you are a Progressive customer and would like to try Snapshot, you can call us or log in to enroll in Snapshot with a plug-in device. The Snapshot Mobile app is only available for new customers at the time they purchase their policy.

For people who are Snapshot Mobile app customers—give us a call at 877-329-7283 for help with registration.

What if we share cars? How do I decide which car to assign to which phone?

Sharing cars is fine. Simply choose the car that is driven the most often by each driver to assign to their phone. The program will not be affected if cars on the policy are shared among Snapshot participants. Each driver will only see their own driving data on their mobile phone.

Which settings are required to use the app on my phone?


The following settings and permissions are required for your app to function properly:

  1. Background App Refresh: This enables the app to record driving data while it's running in the background on your phone. For best results, this setting must be enabled for the Snapshot Mobile app at all times. This setting can be found in the Settings app under General>Background App Refresh.
  2. Location Services: This is used to calculate driving behaviors, such as mileage. For the app to work properly, Location Services must be enabled at all times. This setting can be found in the Settings app under Privacy> Location Services.
  3. Wi-Fi: The app uses Wi-Fi to send us your trip information. The app also uses Wi-Fi to more accurately determine when a trip begins and to complement the GPS location data.
  4. App Running: In order for the app to properly record safe driving, please do not delete or close the app. It is okay for the app to be running in the background.


The app should work on most Android phones without any special configuration. Upon installation, the app will request access to the following:

  1. Location: Location services are used to calculate driving behaviors such as hard braking and mileage. On newer versions of Android, in Settings>Location>Mode needs to be set to "High Accuracy" or the app can't use GPS (just cellular). On older Android versions, Settings>Location needs to have all Location Services source options enabled. Examples include GPS satellites, Location Services, and Google Location Services (or Google Wi-Fi Location Information).
  2. Wi-Fi: The app uses Wi-Fi to send us your trip information. The app also uses Wi-Fi to more accurately determine when a trip begins and to complement GPS location data.
  3. Modify or delete the contents of your SD card: Google Maps, used for displaying your trips in the app, requires this setting to cache map data. We don't modify or delete any of your existing SD card content
  4. Read phone status and identity: Required to detect distraction-free driving.
  5. App Running: In order for the app to properly record safe driving, please do not delete or close the app. It is okay for the app to be running in the background.

Does the app have to always be running in the background?

As long as the app is installed on your phone and your phone is on during trips, it will collect your driving data (unless it is paused).

How much data and battery will the app use?

The app uses very minimal data. Battery use is also low when not driving. When driving, the battery use is comparable to other driving and navigation apps. If you take long car trips, we recommend charging the phone while driving.

Do I have to turn on the app every time I get in my car?

As long as the app is installed on your phone, and the phone is on, you do not need to do anything when you get in the car. The app will be able to detect the start of your trip and begin collecting information on its own.

How does the app know if I am driving?

The Snapshot Mobile app detects movement of a certain speed and distance to determine when a trip starts. No action is necessary on the part of the user.

How can I see how I am doing in the program?

You can see driving reports and Snapshot performance in the Snapshot Mobile app. You are also able to view performances for all vehicles on the policy by logging in or using our Progressive servicing app.

What happens if I delete the app?

We need to hear from your device regularly for your participation in the Snapshot program to continue.

If we are not hearing from your app often enough, we will send you an email with instructions to re-install the app or switch to a plug-in device to continue participation in the Snapshot program.

Why don't all of my trips appear?

It is normal to occasionally notice that the app does not collect every trip or in some cases it captures only part of a trip. There are certain situations—like low battery, sparse cell towers, etc.—that can cause incomplete or missing trips. If you are finding that this is happening on the majority of your trips, please call us at 877-329-7283 for assistance.

What happens if my trip type is incorrect?

If you notice that we have miscategorized a trip, you have an opportunity in the app to correct it.

What happens if I pause the app?

The app can be paused for up to two weeks at a time. An example of a reason that you might pause the app is traveling out of the country. If we determine that the app is being repeatedly paused and we are not collecting enough trip data, you will need to switch to the plug-in device to keep the benefits of the program.

I am a Progressive customer, but not a Snapshot customer. Can I sign up for the Snapshot Mobile app?

The Snapshot Mobile app is only available for customers at the time they purchase their policy. However, if you would like to try Snapshot, you can call us at 877-329-7283 or log in to participate in the Snapshot program with the plug-in device.

Can I try Snapshot again after I am done?

Absolutely, but we will send you a plug-in device if you want to participate again.

I drive a company car, delivery truck, police car, etc. Will the Snapshot Mobile app collect those trips?

Yes, if you regularly drive a vehicle that is not on your policy, the Snapshot Mobile app is not a good fit for you. However, the Snapshot plug-in device will allow you to participate in Snapshot and earn your personalized rate.

Questions about the Snapshot plug-in device only

When do I get my Snapshot plug-in device?

You will receive your device in the mail within seven to 10 days of when you signed up for Snapshot.

How do I know the device is working?

After starting your car, simply look for a blinking light in the device. If you don't see one, unplug the device, review installation details, and then plug it back in. If you still don't see a blinking light, please call us at 877-329-7283.

What if my device stops working?

We need to hear from your device regularly for your participation in the Snapshot program to continue.

If your device stops working or comes unplugged and we haven't heard from it in a while, you'll get an email with details on what to do next.

Why does my device beep when I drive?

The Snapshot plug-in device beeps when you make a hard brake. Getting this instant feedback can help you improve your driving and maximize your potential savings.

When do I return the device?

You'll get an email when it's time to unplug and return the device. We usually try to time that email with your policy renewal. However, if you plug in the device in the middle of your policy period—rather than at the start—we may have you keep the device plugged in beyond your renewal. We require at least 75 days of driving data when the policy renews to calculate your personalized rate. Bottom line: just look for that email.

What if I lose the device?

Call us at 877-329-7283, so we can send you a new one. Unfortunately, the $50 charge for an unreturned device still applies.

What is the 30-day trial?

If you don't want to switch your insurance to Progressive today, you can sign up for a trial of Snapshot. There's no obligation to buy at the end. Get more details.

Note: These FAQs offer a broad overview of the Snapshot program and how it works. The program does vary in a few states. See the Snapshot Terms and Conditions for more information.