How to protect your RV roof

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When you go in for an RV repair, most of us know the basics, change the oil, replace the battery, and check the tire pressure. But now and then, surprise damage creeps up on us. Fortunately, preventing or resolving RV roof damage is simpler than you think. Follow these RV roof protection tips to keep your roof in top condition

Tips for RV roof protection

Make sure your RV’s roof openings are closed

While we can’t eliminate nosy campground neighbors, we can help you avoid a mice infestation in your RV. Stuffing steel wool in every nook and cranny of your RV’s entrances is one tried and true way to deter rodents. The texture will keep them scurrying along and prevent them from getting inside.

Inspect your RV’s roof regularly

If you don’t have solar panels on your RV’s roof, the top of your RV is out of sight and out of mind. If you want to prevent RV roof damage, it’s best to make regular RV roof checks a habit. Many manufacturers require bi-annual roof inspections for the RV warranty to remain in effect.

Protect your RV’s roof with RV insurance

RV insurance coverages like Pest Damage Protection℠ and Roof Protection Plus® can protect your RV’s roof from damage. Pest Damage Protection℠ coverage may cover damage caused by non-domesticated animals and vermin. Roof Protection Plus® may repair or replace a vehicle roof with issues caused by damage or wear and tear. Roof Protection Plus® may also protect other vehicle parts damaged by the roof’s malfunction.

Both protection options will be available in many states and can be added to standard RV comprehensive and collision coverage. Learn more about RV insurance and how RV insurance works.

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