What is a water leak detection system?

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A water leak detection system for your home looks for sudden, unexpected increases in moisture levels. These systems identify when and where a leak occurs to help you quickly make repairs and avoid a costly water bill. Some systems monitor for leaks, while others work as fail-safes to prevent water damage. A small water leak can waste 29 gallons per month. A faster leak might use 330 gallons or more. Beyond the additional utility costs, water damage is a risk. If water leaks into your walls and flooring, repair costs can quickly add up.

How does a water leak detection system work?

Water leak detection systems alert homeowners to leaks through audible beeps or tones. Systems with Wi-Fi capabilities may send a push notification to homeowners’ phones. In addition to alerting homeowners to leaks, some water leak detection systems can automatically stem the water flow throughout the home to prevent further damage. The ability to stem the water flow is particularly effective in the event of a burst pipe. Rather than allowing it to continue to flow and cause severe damage, the system will shut off the water main.

Your homeowners insurance won’t cover water damage from leaks or burst pipes resulting from improper plumbing maintenance. Therefore, knowing how to protect your home from water damage is essential. Learn more about how home insurance covers water damage.

What are the different types of home water leak detectors?

There are two primary types of water leak detection systems. The first utilizes a sensor on the floor beside a pipe or an appliance that might leak and sends an alert if it detects moisture. These systems can be less expensive and some home security systems often include them.

The second type of water leak detection system fits onto your home’s water main. It detects changes in pressure outside the norm of regular flow. These tend to be more expensive, especially because they require professional installation by a trained plumber.

Do you need a water leak detection system?

Every home faces some flood risk. According to Zach Blenkinsopp of Digital Roofing Innovations, “Every homeowner should have these devices all over their house, at the washing machine, the dishwasher, the toilet, etc. The devices are inexpensive compared to fixing water damage from a leaking pipe you caught too late.”

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