Do you need snowmobile insurance?

Depending on where you ride your snowmobile, you may be required to carry liability coverage before you can operate it there. Even in states where snowmobile insurance isn't mandated, some parks may require you to have a snowmobile policy. Regardless of the requirements, riding a snowmobile can be risky, and it makes sense to have the protection provided by a snowmobile insurance policy.

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What kind of coverage do you need for your snowmobile?

Snowmobile insurance coverages are similar to motorcycle insurance coverages. Liability coverage, including bodily injury and property damage, is part of all snowmobile policies, protecting you if you're liable for someone else's injuries or damages in an accident. If your snowmobile policy only has liability coverage, damage to your snowmobile won't be covered. You need comprehensive and collision coverage to protect your snowmobile against physical damage, theft, and vandalism.

Is snowmobile insurance required by state law?

Like laws for registering snowmobiles, insurance regulations for snowmobiles vary by state. Check your state government website for your state's snowmobile insurance laws.

Why is snowmobile insurance important?

Riding a snowmobile can be exhilarating in winter, but the thrills can lead to spills. As with any motor vehicle accident, damages and injuries can be costly if you don't have an insurance policy. If you're sued because you caused an accident while on a snowmobile, your snowmobile insurance may cover you up to the limits of your policy. Additionally, your snowmobile may be one of your most expensive assets, and you'll want to protect it against loss or damage.

Does snowmobile insurance cover theft?

If your snowmobile policy has comprehensive coverage, your insurer may pay to replace your stolen snowmobile minus your deductible. Comprehensive also covers your snowmobile against vandalism, collision with animals, and breaking through the ice into water.

Are snowmobiles covered by homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance generally won't cover any vehicles in your garage or off your property, including snowmobiles. You need a separate snowmobile insurance policy to protect your snowmobile. However, if someone is injured while riding a snowmobile on your property, personal liability coverage under your homeowners policy may cover their hospital bills up to the limits of your coverage.

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