Does a seat belt violation affect my insurance rate?

It depends on where you live. In general, your car insurance rate can increase if you're ticketed for moving violations. Rates don't usually change because of non-moving violations like parking tickets. Some states consider seat belt violations a moving violation, but others don't. Check the seat belt laws in your state, in addition to asking your insurer, to see whether a seat belt violation could affect your insurance rate. Learn more about car insurance cost factors.

How will my insurance company know that I wasn't wearing my seat belt?

If you get a seat belt ticket, it'll show up on your driving record. Insurance companies use your driving history or motor vehicle record to determine the risk of insuring you. If you have a number of accidents and violations on your record, then you could see a higher rate than someone who has fewer incidents on theirs. Keep in mind that you may or may not see a rate increase for a seat belt ticket, depending on how your state and insurer treat them.