Does renters insurance cover water damage?

Your renters insurance policy may pay to replace items damaged by water, depending on the source of damage. Water damage from a sudden, accidental incident may be covered, up to your policy limits and minus any deductible. If you’re unable to live in your residence due to water damage and the incident is covered, your renters policy may also cover the cost of living elsewhere while your apartment or rental house is being repaired. Renters insurance typically won’t cover water damage caused by negligence, a sewer backup, or a flood.

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Does renters insurance cover busted pipes?

Renters insurance may cover water leaks from a broken pipe, assuming the incident wasn’t due to negligence. Your policy’s personal property coverage may pay to repair or replace the items damaged from water, up to your coverage limits. If the pipe burst because of frozen temperatures, you're typically covered, but there may be preventative measures you’re expected to take in order for the incident to be covered.

Water damage to the ceiling, walls, or floors of your apartment unit or rental home typically won’t be covered by your renters policy. Your landlord or rental company is responsible for carrying insurance on the structure you’re renting and their homeowners or building policy may pay to repair water damage from a covered incident.

If you’re forced to live elsewhere while your unit or rental home is being repaired due to water damage after a covered loss, your policy’s loss of use coverage may pay for lodging and groceries, up to your coverage limits.

Does renters insurance cover water damage from rain?

Your renters policy may cover water damage resulting from a covered peril. For example, if a windstorm damages the roof of the house you’re renting, rain could leak in and damage your furniture and other belongings, which may be covered up to your policy’s limits. If the rain seeped in due to your negligence, such as leaving a window open, you typically won’t be covered.

Does renters insurance cover water damage from a flood?

Flooding isn’t a covered peril on renters policies. Since renters insurance typically won’t cover water damage that results from a flood, you may need a flood insurance policy to protect your belongings against flood damage. Learn how flood insurance works and if renters are eligible for flood insurance.

In cases when a sewer line floods your residence and results in water damage, contact your landlord or rental office. A standard renters insurance policy typically won’t cover water damage from sewer lines. However, some renters insurance companies may offer optional coverage for water back-up and sump overflow, which safeguards you in case of a sump pump mishap or clogged sewer.

Does renters insurance cover water damage from a toilet?

If your toilet overflows and causes water damage, you may be covered by your renters policy as long as the overflow wasn’t caused by your negligence.

Can a tenant be responsible for water damage?

If the cause of the water damage was due to your negligence, you may be responsible for the costs to repair your unit or rental house. Personal liability coverage for renters may cover you if you’re liable for damages to your apartment unit or rental house, up to your coverage limits.

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