What is trip interruption insurance coverage?

Trip interruption coverage offers travelers reimbursement for their unused, prepaid, nonrefundable expenses if they unexpectedly need to cut their trip short. For example, if you fall sick or an evacuation is ordered while you're traveling, trip interruption coverage may reimburse for some or all of your insured costs. Trip interruption coverage is usually included in a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

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What does trip interruption insurance cover?

Trip interruption typically covers pre-paid, non-refundable travel expenses (like flights, hotels, tours, etc.) if you have to end your trip early due to a covered reason. Covered reasons vary by policy, but they typically include unavoidable and serious situations like illness, injury, required quarantine, required evacuation, natural disasters, terrorism incidents, and more.

Check your policy's terms to understand exactly which interruption reasons are covered, and learn more about how travel insurance works.

What's the difference between trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance?

Trip cancellation coverage applies to trips canceled before they begin, while trip interruption coverage applies to trips cut short after they begin. Both trip cancellation and trip interruption coverages are typically included in a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Both may reimburse you for non-refundable costs of travel that you miss out on for a covered reason, up to any limits set by your policy.

What's trip delay vs. trip interruption coverage?

Trip interruption applies to trips unexpectedly cut short for a covered reason, and trip delay applies to travel plans that are delayed (but not cut short) for a covered reason. For example, if your flight is canceled or delayed for a certain number of hours, trip delay coverage may reimburse you for your extra costs while you wait to continue your trip. It may also help you with the extra costs of meeting up with your cruise or travel group after a covered delay.

Keep in mind that trip delay and trip interruption coverages are for situations outside of your control. Forgetting to renew your passport or arriving at the airport late likely won't be covered.

How to get trip interruption travel insurance

Get a quote for travel insurance online to compare coverages and rates. Or call 1-844-276-1214 to speak with a licensed travel representative about the right plan for your itinerary.

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