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Are You Covered if You Borrow Your Friend's Car?

Posted by Allison Ruuska on 2/18/2008 at 1:00 PM

Does your friend's auto insurance policy cover you if you borrow his car?

Occasionally, you may need to borrow your friend's car to run an errand, go to work or complete some other task. When you do this, do you know if you're covered by your neighbor's auto insurance policy?


In most states, the answer to whether you're covered or not depends on how much you're using the vehicle and what you're using it for.

As always, auto policies may differ by state, so be sure to check your state's policy to see how you're covered.

For states that don't require you to use your own auto insurance policy, regardless of who's at fault for an accident, here are things to consider before you borrow a friend's car.

How Often Do You Use the Car?

If you only borrow your friend's car once a month, most likely your friend's policy will cover you when you drive the vehicle. An auto policy will define who it covers, which you can find in the definitions sections. In this instance, look for the definition of an "insured person" to see who's covered.

For example, an "insured person" may include "any person with respect to an accident arising out of that person's use of a covered auto with the permission of you or a relative." Under this definition, if someone else gives you permission to drive his vehicle, you're covered by his insurance policy — as long as your other actions with the vehicle also fall within policy allowances.

How Long Do You Borrow the Car?

Another consideration is how long you're borrowing your friend's car. If you use the car for a day or two, most likely that's not considered regular and frequent use. However, if you borrow your friend's car for several weeks, you may not be covered by his auto policy. In cases like this, you most likely would be considered a regular user, which means you should be added to your friend's insurance policy if you use his vehicle in this manner.

Why Are You Using the Car?

Finally, consider why you're using your friend's car. If you're using the vehicle to conduct business, like delivering pizza or hauling equipment for a landscaping business, you'll need to make sure the vehicle is covered under a commercial auto or business insurance policy. Personal auto policies typically don't cover anyone for conducting business with their vehicles.

Auto policies have long lists of actions and circumstances that aren't covered, so make sure you check to see what's covered before you drive your friend's vehicle.

If you have a Progressive policy and you have any questions about what's covered and what's not covered, you can contact us online at any time or at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE (1-800-776-4737) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The information in this blog may vary based on your particular state or situation. Always refer to your insurance policy for your specific coverages.

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Helllo, Can I let my good friend borrow my F350 with a camper on top? I just want to let them have a weekend trip (within the state). Is this a dumb idea. It would only be a one-time thing. They have been so good to me. Thanks, Tracy
Posted on 7/15/2010 at 5:37 PM by Tracy Sherry
can I let my son-in-law use my motocycle occasionaly and be covered with my policy with Progressive
Posted on 7/28/2010 at 11:07 AM by Dan Burke
@Dan, He's probably covered, as long as he's only riding your motorcycle occasionally. To make sure, you can either log in to your policy and review your coverage, or give us a call at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE.
Posted on 8/3/2010 at 2:22 PM by Brittany R.
My friend went off to the Navy and her parents gave me permission to drive her 92 Dodge Spirit. I am going to be driving that car regularly. This car is insured under her name with Progressive. How do I get myself added to that policy so that I can be insured as well? Please help :) Thanks.
Posted on 11/8/2010 at 12:42 PM by Kylie chye
@Kylie, Either your friend or her parents—assuming she gave them permission to make changes on her behalf—can add you to her car insurance policy. Please ask them to call us: 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 11/12/2010 at 8:01 AM by Brittany R.
My sister is visiting from UK for the holidays. she is staying for a week. She has full UK licence and the international driving licence. Would she be covered to drive my car? Would I add her to the policy?
Posted on 12/1/2010 at 4:34 PM by Raymond Brown
@Raymond, Yes--as long as you give your sister permission to drive your car, she is covered under your policy. And no, since she doesn't live with you, you don't need to add her to your policy, unless she'll be driving the vehicle more than 12 times a year. Have a great holiday.
Posted on 12/6/2010 at 1:07 PM by Brittany R.
My friend in California has a motorcycle and motorcycle insurance, and does not own a car. He borrowed his parents car (with permission and only did it this one time) and was involved in an accident. To save money, his parents had excluded him from their auto insurance policy. Does his motorcycle insurance cover him as the primary insurance since he is excluded from his parents policy?
Posted on 12/6/2010 at 6:28 PM by Cuong Nguyen
my friend would like to use my truck for the weekend to move. I live in nj he will be moving to ny. This is a one time thing. Will I be covered for the two days he is using it? Or should I just tell him I'm not covered
Posted on 12/20/2010 at 10:24 PM by Corey
Hi, Thank you in advance for patiently answering the questions. I am in CA. I live with my parent. I use their car like 1-2 times a month and only couple hours each time (for errands), and i have no car myself (but have valid CA license of course). would i be covered? (adding my name to their policy costs a lot as i am new.) Thanks again!
Posted on 12/21/2010 at 12:06 PM by Albert
@Corey, Yes, your friend is covered, as long as he has your permission to drive the vehicle and only drives it occasionally (less than 12 times a year).
Posted on 12/21/2010 at 12:41 PM by Brittany R.
@Cuong, We need more information to answer your question accurately. Please call us at 1-800-274-4641 (or have your friend call us).
Posted on 12/21/2010 at 12:45 PM by Brittany R.
@Albert, Your parents will need to add you to their policy, based on how often you've told us you use their car. Please have them call us (1-800-776-4737), assuming they're Progressive customers, and we can quote the cost to add you.
Posted on 1/6/2011 at 11:02 AM by Brittany R.
I gave permission for my sister to drive my car. I reside in CA. She got a ticket and went to court for a trial, and was told that the insurance provided for my car does not cover her, but only the car. The judge stated that it is a city law and a state law. Called DMV, went to the city and no such law. Have you heard of such a thing. My insurance company states they caver a person whom drives your car with permission by the driver. Have you ever heard of such a law, or what?
Posted on 1/27/2011 at 4:19 PM by Audrey
@Audrey, The best thing to do would be to call your insurance company, explain what happened and make sure your sister is, in fact, covered when she borrows your car.
Posted on 1/31/2011 at 1:07 PM by Progressive
If my son or daughter (over 21 and neither lives with me) drives my vehicle, with my permission, we live in Kansas, In case of an accident, is my vehicle covered just like i was driving it?
Posted on 3/31/2011 at 11:52 AM by Julie
<p>@Julie, If your kids borrow your car, they&rsquo;re still covered by your Progressive car insurance, as long as they have your permission to drive your car and only drive it occasionally (less than 12 times a year). If they drive it more often or you have questions, please give us a call: 1-800-776-4737.</p>
Posted on 4/8/2011 at 12:28 PM by Progressive
If we allow someone to use our RV, will they be covered under our insurance. We live in the state of Tennessee.
Posted on 4/11/2011 at 11:02 AM by Lynn
@Lynn, Yes, as long as your friend has your permission to drive your RV and only drives it occasionally (less than 12 times a year), they’ll be covered by your Progressive RV policy.
Posted on 4/22/2011 at 1:39 PM by Progressive
Me and my wife just got married. we have different insurance companies and we haven't merge them yet. We are going on a trip and i was wondering if its okay that i drive her car. since we haven't had time to merge everything together.
Posted on 6/7/2011 at 10:09 PM by Chris
@Chris, Congratulations! Yes, you'll be covered by your wife's insurance policy, since you have her permission to drive the car.
Posted on 6/13/2011 at 9:42 AM by Progressive
if my brother uses my motorcycle and has an accident is that covered he doesn't live with me we are going to a family picnic next week and has already asked if he can take it for a spin we live in colchester ct
Posted on 6/20/2011 at 8:54 AM by Sal
@Sal, Yes, he's covered, as long as he has your permission to ride your motorcycle and isn't riding it more than 12 times a year.
Posted on 6/28/2011 at 4:13 PM by Progressive
Elderly parents in Florida no longer drive, I will use their car to drive them for appointments. Their car insurance is up for renewal, can we have it renewed even though they no longer drive?
Posted on 8/2/2011 at 6:36 PM by Tina Sullivan
If i ride my friends motorcycle one time and i have an accident at my fault does my progressive motorcycle insurance cover the damages to his motorcycle
Posted on 8/3/2011 at 3:55 AM by Ryan
@Ryan, Your friend's motorcycle insurance policy would likely cover the damage; your rate, however, might be impacted if you were cited for the accident.
Posted on 8/9/2011 at 9:00 AM by Progressive
<p>@Tina, Yes, we can keep your parents as the primary named insureds even if they are no longer licensed. Please have them call us, so we can update their policy.</p>
Posted on 8/11/2011 at 9:07 AM by Progressive
i have an international drivers license, would i be able to get insurance on my car that i just bought? i have passed the computer drive test in nevada but need a car for the drive test. as i am new here i dont have anyones car to borrow, so i may need to use mine. but without insurance they wouldnt permit my car. so can my licence now act temporarily for an insurance then later convert when i obtain my nevada license?
Posted on 8/14/2011 at 8:58 PM by don
@Don, Yes, we do accept international/foreign licenses and permit licenses. Please give us a call, so we can get a little more information and quote a policy for you.
Posted on 8/19/2011 at 7:25 AM by Progressive
Hi, I will be borrowing my parent's car for several months. The car title is registered in MN. The car would be driven by me in NY. I am an older graduate student (in my 30s) and I got a NY license when I moved out here. Can the car stay registered in MN and insure me driving it in NY? Depending on if I can find another car, I will be driving it anywhere between 3 to 8 months.
Posted on 9/19/2011 at 11:38 AM by Nikki
what if I have insurance get in to and accident but then find out by the police that my license is supended am I still cover cuase I didnt know at all that my license was supnded
Posted on 10/1/2011 at 4:58 AM by Shy
@Nikki - The state of NY requires that the registered owner be listed on the policy as the Named Insured (aka Policyholder) or the Second named insured. So, you can insure the car in NY as long as the registered owner is included on the policy as the Second Named Insured (SNI).
Posted on 10/3/2011 at 9:27 AM by Progressive
I am in Texas. My friend has came here to visit me. He has a valid michigan state license. Will he be covered in my insurance if he drives my car?
Posted on 10/6/2011 at 2:49 PM by Elango
I have progressive direct insurance in Las Vegas, Nevada. My friend (26) will be moving here (flying in with his family) November 1st, and will be selling both of his cars this month before he gets here. Can I let him borrow my car long enough for him to buy a new one, (Hopefully a quick process) and remain covered? Thank you.
Posted on 10/18/2011 at 1:44 PM by Chris
@Shy, This depends on the rules of your state and of your insurance company. Typically, the status of your license would not impact your coverage as long as you are paid to date and have selected the appropriate coverage on your policy. However, some states do not allow insurance companies to insure drivers with at suspended/revoked license.
Posted on 10/19/2011 at 8:28 AM by Progressive
@Elango - Yes. It’s called permissive use. You can give permission for any licensed driver to use or borrow your car on an occasional basis. If that person becomes a regular driver(more than once per month) or a member of your household you would be required to add them as a driver.
Posted on 10/24/2011 at 10:25 AM by Progressive
My parents have insurance with progressive and I was wondering if I would be insured to drive my mom's car once? I have a valid Arizona license, but am not in the policy or anything at all.
Posted on 10/30/2011 at 12:49 PM by Omar
I asked my boyfriend to move the car out of the driveway so my roommate could get out. As he was pulling out of the driveway and on the street, my roommate backed up to him and caused significant damage. She left the scene and did not inform me until a phone call later. I only have liability insurance, but they have already agreed to pay and informed their insurance. Am I or my boyfriend liable for any damages? Will their insurance pay even if I was not driving?
Posted on 11/14/2011 at 2:15 PM by Ann
Hi, I have a friend visiting from a British Territory, he is staying for the week. Will he be covered if he drives my car?
Posted on 11/24/2011 at 9:36 PM by Cris
I reside in Texas. My parents are buying me a car and it will be in their name. Can I hold the insurance policy on the vehicle or do they have to and if I do hold the policy can I have their name on the policy?
Posted on 11/29/2011 at 10:51 PM by Susan
Hi, I loaned a car to a friend who in turn loaned the car to another friend without my permission. Am I liable for them if they get into an accident?
Posted on 12/7/2011 at 4:12 PM by Tim
@Chris, Omar and Cris: Yes, insured drivers can allow another licensed driver to use or borrow their car on an occasional basis. If the person borrowing the car becomes a regular driver (more than once per month) or a member of the household, then they would need to be added to the auto policy.
Posted on 12/19/2011 at 11:26 AM by Progressive
@Ann: Please call us at 1-800-776-4737, so we can better understand your situation and resolve your questions.
Posted on 12/19/2011 at 11:27 AM by Progressive
@Susan: You can purchase the policy in your name and list your parents on the policy as additional interests. The policy would not have to be in their name.
Posted on 12/19/2011 at 4:54 PM by Progressive
@Tim: The general rule of thumb is that insurance follows the vehicle regardless of the operator. However, many factors can affect this decision. Our Claims Department is better equipped to answer your question regarding the liability portion. Please call us at 1-800-888-7764 to speak with someone about this.
Posted on 12/20/2011 at 10:06 AM by Progressive
I live in California and my brother is visiting. He wants to borrow my car a few times next week while he's here. Will he be covered by my policy?
Posted on 12/25/2011 at 6:13 PM by Angela
<p>@Angela: You can add your brother to your policy for the time he will be using your car. To do so, log in to your policy at http://bit.ly/pgrSave or call us anytime at 1-800-776-4737.</p>
Posted on 1/3/2012 at 5:18 PM by Progressive
How can I insure a vehicle that I am borrowing for a few months? My in laws don't use their truck during the winter and I have a use for it on occassion. We are going to store it on our property during the winter so we can use it as needed. We live in Ohio and the in laws will be cancelling their insurance for the duration.
Posted on 1/28/2012 at 1:32 PM by Mike
@Mike: You can purchase coverage for the vehicle if it will remain in your possession. To do so, you can call us anytime at 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 1/31/2012 at 10:12 AM by Progressive
Hi, if we let our friend borrow our Motor Home will he be covered? We live in california.
Posted on 3/6/2012 at 12:30 PM by Troy
Hi I'm planning to add my name on my friends insurance who stays in Illinois , and was planning to take his car to Minnesota . Will be adding my name on title and insurance as well. Do you guys charge the regular fare for adding a person on the insurance or it will be partially charged .
Posted on 4/6/2012 at 1:34 AM by Naumaan
@Naumaan: You'll need to have your friend call us, so we can discuss the specifics of the situation with him or her, and provide a quote. We're here 24/7: 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 4/11/2012 at 8:58 AM by Progressive
My girlfriend has a car insured with you in California, with a safe driver discount. I do not drive her car. We are thinking of a trip to texas and I would like to help with the driving. I am wondering if I will be covered under her policy.
Posted on 4/26/2012 at 10:38 AM by Justin
@Justin: Yes, you would be covered under the permissive use clause of the policy. This means you're covered if you have her permission to drive the vehicle and you're not a full-time driver. If you were to become a regular user of the vehicle, you would need to be added to her policy.
Posted on 5/1/2012 at 11:16 AM by Progressive
I have a neighbor who has progressive and she let a man who has no license (due to several DIU's) drive her vehicle. What happens to someone knowingly doing this.
Posted on 5/14/2012 at 1:02 PM by Jen
I have an SR22 for a DUI. How long do I need the SR22? Do I initiate having the SR22 removed, does the state notify me of the ending period requirement for the SR22 - how do I know? If I borrow my parents car do I need an SR22 for their car? Am I covered if I borrow my parents car, with their permission? Thanks
Posted on 5/22/2012 at 9:55 AM by brad
@Brad: Generally SR-22s are required for 3 to 5 years.You'll need to contact your state to see how long it's required for you. Once you no longer need the SR-22, the state will notify you by mail. At that time, you'll need to contact your insurance company to remove it. SR-22s follow the driver, not the vehicle. Your parents should speak with their insurance company to see what their requirements are and if you need to be added to their policy as a driver.
Posted on 5/24/2012 at 9:22 AM by Progressive
I live in Florida and have a progressive policy. My brother-in-law will be visiting us, he has a valid Ontario, Canada drivers license and is insured there. Will he be covered by our progressive policy if we allow him to occasionally use our vehicle during the week that he is here?
Posted on 6/1/2012 at 9:46 AM by Vic
Hi ,i,want to add my wife's name to my existing insurance .Do you guys charge the regular fare for adding a person on the insurance ?
Posted on 6/3/2012 at 2:06 PM by Sai
I live in Tennessee. If my vehicle is in the shop and I borrow my friend's vehicle for the day and someone steals her vehicle will my insurance policy pay or would her's.
Posted on 6/4/2012 at 4:56 PM by Renee
@Vic: You can add him to your policy as a covered driver when he arrives, then remove him after he goes home. That's the best way to guarantee that he's covered while driving your vehicle.
Posted on 6/7/2012 at 8:45 AM by Progressive
@Sai: You can add your wife to your policy anytime online or by phone. In terms of the charges, there's really no "regular fare." Every policy and driver is unique. To get a price quote, it's best to contact us directly at 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 6/7/2012 at 8:50 AM by Progressive
@Renee: Generally, insurance follows the vehicle; however, how the claim will pay out is ultimately determined by the claims adjuster. For more information, your friend should speak with her claims adjuster.
Posted on 6/7/2012 at 9:00 AM by Progressive
My friend from Japan will be visiting in the summer and he has a motorcycle license in Japan. If I let him take my motorcycle for a day trip in the U.S., will he be covered by my insurance policy?
Posted on 6/12/2012 at 1:16 AM by Ken
I will buy a car in Florida. My wife and I will drive a it for less than 6 months Both have driver license for another country. Can we get a car insurance through Progressive?
Posted on 6/14/2012 at 12:08 AM by Julio
If my parents allow my 16 year old son drive their car occasionally (not in the same household), will it still be covered under their insurance or mine?
Posted on 6/16/2012 at 3:53 PM by tanika
@Ken: As long as your friend doesn't use the vehicle more than 12 times a year, he'll be covered by your policy. For reference, taking the motorcycle from your home to the store, and back, would count as two trips. For more info or to add him to your policy, call us anytime at 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 6/19/2012 at 2:54 PM by Progressive
@Julio: If you'll be residing in Florida, we'd be glad to give you a quote. You can reach us anytime at 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 6/21/2012 at 9:42 AM by Progressive
@Tanika: Generally, insurance follows the vehicle; however, there may be stipulations on how your son is covered on your parents' policy. Your parents should contact their insurance company for specific details on who's covered.
Posted on 6/21/2012 at 9:50 AM by Progressive
I'm in Alaska. I'm thinking of taking road test in my friends car. He only has liability insurance. Does this type of insurane cover me?
Posted on 6/27/2012 at 2:10 AM by Rina
Hi! I'm in AK. I'm going to use my friend's car for my road test. He only has liability insurance and I don't have any auto insurance. If he allow me to borrow his car, is it OK to use the car for my driving test?
Posted on 6/27/2012 at 1:54 PM by Toto
My boyfriend and I recently bought a house and moved in together in Florida. We both have cars and are covered with insurance and we're wondering if we can consolidate under one policy. Some car insurances we've contacted don't allow roommates or consolidation of policies unless married. Can we have one policy with progressive for the 2 cars and 2 drivers?
Posted on 7/2/2012 at 5:26 PM by Jackie
<p>@Rina and Toto: For the most part, insurance follows the vehicle; however, your friend will need to check with his insurance company to ensure there aren't any exclusions with you driving the vehicle.</p>
Posted on 7/5/2012 at 10:19 AM by Progressive
@Jackie: Yes, you can combine your policies, as long as both vehicles will remain at the same address. You can start a quote here on our site, or call us anytime at 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 7/5/2012 at 10:29 AM by Progressive
Hi, my sister is visiting from abroad and she holds the country's driver license and also International driver license and she will be with me for about six months, and occasionally she might need to driver herself while I'm at work, does she need to be added to my policy?
Posted on 7/19/2012 at 12:39 AM by Jenny
Myself, my boyfriend and his roommate are moving to California and driving cross country. My boyfriend has progressive insurance but his roommate and myself no longer have insurance because we sold our cars. We will all be taking turns driving. Does he need to add our names to his insurance?
Posted on 7/27/2012 at 5:09 PM by Brittney
@Brittney: You and his roommate would be covered under the Progressive policy as "permissive use" drivers and since it's only a temporary situation, there is no need to be added to the policy. However once you arrive, if you and his roommate are still driving the vehicle, then we would require your boyfriend to add you as additional drivers.
Posted on 8/1/2012 at 1:02 PM by Progressive
IWill my insurance cover me if i am driving my friends vehicle for business, when I only have a personal policy in Oregon?
Posted on 8/4/2012 at 11:24 AM by Dusty
if I am using a friends rv and I need a policy to cover the dates I am using it - where would I find an ins company that can provide a policy on the rv that is not in my name? My ins provider does not provide binders
Posted on 8/5/2012 at 7:42 PM by sonya
@Sonya: We'd suggest finding out if your friend can add you to his policy temporarily. Many companies will allow this and if there's an increase to his premium, you can pay him the difference.
Posted on 8/8/2012 at 11:21 AM by Progressive
@Dusty: Your friend should contact his/her insurance company to see if you would be covered under that policy.
Posted on 8/8/2012 at 11:37 AM by Progressive
In California, friend wants to borrow truck once a month to carry veggies to the farmer's market. Would I be covered if he was in an accident?
Posted on 8/11/2012 at 1:46 PM by victoria
@Victoria: It's tough to offer an answer without looking at your policy directly. Please call us for further assistance at 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 8/21/2012 at 4:12 PM by Progressive
A friend of mine was driving his car, he is on the insurance but his license is in suspension, he got into an accident, no other vehicles were involved, only his car was damaged, will insurance cover the damages despite the fact that his license was currently suspended? He lives in NV and has insurance thru progressive
Posted on 8/25/2012 at 4:13 PM by Robert
My 17 year old son just purchased his own car and his own insurance policy. I live in FL and my husband and I have a policy with you and want to exclude my son as a driver since he has his own insurance. Can we do that?
Posted on 8/27/2012 at 5:17 PM by Jennifer
my car has full coverage insurance if my friend is driving my car and gets into a car accident will his insurance cover my car ????
Posted on 9/2/2012 at 2:18 PM by john
@John: For the most part, insurance follows the vehicle. You'll want to check with your insurer to make sure there aren't any exclusions with your friend driving the vehicle.
Posted on 9/4/2012 at 2:18 PM by Progressive
@Jennifer: Yes, it's possible to exclude a driver from most policy coverage in the state of Florida. Please call us at 1-800-776-4737 to request an exclusion form.
Posted on 9/6/2012 at 10:24 AM by Progressive
My car is in my grandma's name (she has better credit so I got a better rate, and I do NOT live with her) so she added my car to her insurance policy with me as the driver and that the car is parked at my house (we live in different Counties, in CA). So I have 2 questions: 1. is my boyfriend covered if he drives my car every once in awhile? My car has full coverage, while he only has liablility so if my car were in an accident I would want it covered so it would be fixed as well. 2. like I said, my boyfriend only has liability on his truck so if I were driving it, could my full coverage kick in to fix his truck as well?
Posted on 9/6/2012 at 6:45 PM by Ashley
I live in Florida but will be vacationing in Las Vegas, does my liabilit insurance transfrr to the rental vehicle?
Posted on 9/12/2012 at 8:22 AM by Melisa
@Ashley: We understand that you want affordable auto insurance but your policy must be written where your car is being kept at least 50% of the time. To answer your questions, insurance follows the car, not the driver. If your boyfriend only drives your car occasionally, he would be covered to drive it. If he drives it frequently, he should be listed on your policy. And all of the coverages you have on your car stay the same regardless of who's driving. Please contact us at 1-800-776-4737 if you have any more questions.
Posted on 9/13/2012 at 4:31 PM by Progressive
@Melisa: Yes, your Progressive coverages should transfer to your rental vehicle. To confirm, please call us at 1-800-776-4737.
Posted on 9/13/2012 at 4:40 PM by Progressive
I have full coverage insurance thru progressive. Does my policy still cover me if in an accident in someone else's car and they the owner is with me, and are they covered under my insurance policy? I will be driving due to I know the location and area better.
Posted on 9/14/2012 at 3:34 AM by Brian
can someone insure a vehicle and you register it?
Posted on 9/15/2012 at 8:23 PM by jessye
@Brian: For the most part, insurance follows the vehicle. Your friend will need to check with his insurance company to ensure there aren't any exclusions with you driving the vehicle.
Posted on 9/17/2012 at 1:04 PM by Progressive
@Jessye: In most instances, the information listed on your registration needs to match the information reflecting on your auto insurance. For more information, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles.
Posted on 9/19/2012 at 4:06 PM by Progressive
Hi, My parents vehicle is insured by progressive, they are going to a different country for 1.5 months and I'll be using their car, going to work and running errands. So almost everyday. Do they need to add me to their insurance policy or I will be covered by their insurance either way. I live in NY and so do they and the car is insured in NY. I also live seperatly from my parents so we have different adresses. Thank You,
Posted on 9/22/2012 at 12:14 PM by Elizabeth
@Elizabeth: If you'll be using their car, you need to be listed on the policy in order to be covered. Your parents will need to contact us in order to add you to the policy and change the listed location of the vehicle.
Posted on 9/25/2012 at 9:57 AM by Progressive
My friend has an SR22 on his license (I am not all that familiar with the details of an SR22.) If I let him use my car and he is involved in an accident, does the SR22 cover it? or does it go on my insurance?
Posted on 9/26/2012 at 4:25 PM by Holly
I was wondering how long an SR22 is required and when does it get removed?
Posted on 10/10/2012 at 9:35 AM by JOANN
@Joann: Your state determines how long you need to carry the filing, and they'll notify you when it can be removed from your policy. Then, you can contact us to remove it.
Posted on 10/11/2012 at 1:37 PM by Progressive
Thank you for this posting, it is very helpful!
Posted on 10/12/2012 at 10:54 AM by Drew
Live in FL. Have progressive policey. Divorced from my daughters mom. Daughter just got her license. Daughter lives with her mom but occasionally will drive my car. Do I need to put her on my policy ? Thanks
Posted on 10/13/2012 at 8:43 AM by Bruce
my boyfriend is bonded and is covered in whatever he drives not the vehicle.so my question is what kind of insurance do i need to get if i drive his truck so i am covered?
Posted on 10/13/2012 at 2:09 PM by Delicia Martin
If I let someone drive my car that had a suspended license and they get in an accident that they are at fault for will my policy cover the person that my car hit? Or will the victims have to go after the driver of my car ?
Posted on 10/13/2012 at 9:19 PM by Tammy Middendorf
@Delicia: If you'll be using his vehicle, you'll need to be listed as a driver on a policy that covers it. For a quote, visit bit.ly/pgrSave.
Posted on 10/15/2012 at 4:18 PM by Progressive
@Bruce: Your daughter would be covered under her mother's policy. You'd only need to add her to your policy if she drives your car on a regular basis (i.e., more than 12 times/year).
Posted on 10/15/2012 at 4:21 PM by Progressive
Hello..I live in Louisiana...If I have full coverage and let my girlfriend borrow my car and shes not on my insurance nor has any..and gets into a wreck(at fault)...will my insurance cover it
Posted on 10/22/2012 at 3:35 AM by DeSean
@Brian: For the most part, insurance follows the vehicle. Give us a call to ensure there aren't any exclusions with her driving your car.
Posted on 10/23/2012 at 4:13 PM by Progressive
I have a full coverage and my brother is visiting. He's coming from Peru and he's renting a car for the first week. He will use his peruvian driver license which it's good enough (car rental didn't request an international one). My questions are: 1. Can he borrow my car to run errands the 3 remaining days he will stay here? 2. If needed, can he buy an insurance with his peruvian driver licence in case he extends his visit and/or visit me again?
Posted on 11/25/2012 at 3:49 AM by Claudia
@Claudia: If your brother uses your car more than 12 times per year (2 times would be a trip from your home, to the store, and back), he would need to be listed as a driver on your policy for the time he's using the vehicle. Your brother can also purchase a policy of his own if he stays longer; however, the shortest policy we offer is a six-month policy term. For more info, call us anytime at 1-855-266-8485.
Posted on 11/28/2012 at 3:26 PM by Progressive
I live at home with my parents. I have insurance and they have their own separate car insurance. They drive my car no more than 5-10 times a year. This year alone my father has driven my car once and my mother 4 times over a couple months. Do I need to add them to my insurance as a rated driver.
Posted on 11/29/2012 at 2:51 PM by CJ
If I let my neighbor who has a valid Michigan license borrow my car from time to time, is he covered? He does not have his own insurance, and this is why I'm asking. I'm assuming if he stays under the 12 times per year then he's covered, but I want to make sure. And in the case of an accident, would just the comprehensive/collision coverage kick in, and he still have personal liability for injuries, other property, etc.? I'm also assuming since he is not a relative and does not live me that he cannot placed on my insurance as a precautionary measure, like in the event I would loan it to him more than 12 times in a year.
Posted on 12/2/2012 at 5:47 PM by Natalee Serrels
My parents are coming from Honduras and staying with me for a month. My father has a Honduran driver's license. If I allow him to drive my car and he has an accident, would Progressive cover the damages?
Posted on 12/7/2012 at 3:48 PM by Martin Pineda-Gallardo
If my boyfriend uses my car for a few hours every other week, is that considered frequent use and would he need to be listed on my poilcy even if we don't live together and he has his own insurance policy that he claims would cover him?
Posted on 12/11/2012 at 6:07 PM by Ashley
<p>@Natalee: He'd be covered by the Liability limits, Comprehensive and Collision on the policy. And you're correct--as long as he's operating the vehicle fewer than 12 times a year, he's covered under &quot;permissive use.&quot; However, if he does borrow the vehicle for a week or two at a stretch, you can add him (even though he's not in the same household) as an additional driver. Then, you'd remove him when he returns the vehicle.</p>
Posted on 12/17/2012 at 3:37 PM by Progressive
@Martin: The best way to make sure your father is covered to drive your car is to add him to the policy. Please call us at 1-855-266-8485.
Posted on 12/18/2012 at 9:43 AM by Progressive
@CJ: Yes, you will need to list them on your policy; however, depending on your state, you may be able to exclude them for the time they do not use your car. Please give us a call at 1-855-266-8485.
Posted on 12/18/2012 at 9:58 AM by Progressive
@Ashley: You can let someone borrow your car up to 12 times in one year without having to add them to your policy. If he’s going to borrow your car more often than that, you’d add him to your policy for as long as he uses the car. Your boyfriend would want to check with his insurer, too, to see how his coverage applies.
Posted on 12/18/2012 at 10:12 AM by Progressive
I am the primary insured driver on my vehicle, if I let my nephew use my car to take his driver license test will he be covered or does he need to get his own car insurance or do I need to add him to my insurance policy for that one time use?
Posted on 12/18/2012 at 8:09 PM by Angela
@Angela: As long as your nephew doesn't live in your household or drive your car more than once a month, he'll be covered.
Posted on 12/20/2012 at 3:56 PM by Progressive
I live in NY and do not have collision on my vehicle but my friend(also in NY) has collision on his motorcycle through progressive. Will his policy cover my vehicle should he drive it and have an accident?
Posted on 12/26/2012 at 2:30 PM by Christina
my dad who has borrowed my truck has full coverage insurance, but I only have liability coverage. He wrecked my truck and was deemed at fault. The insurance company says that the truck is totaled. will my fathers insurance cover my truck??
Posted on 12/26/2012 at 7:17 PM by brice
@Christina: Since each claim is unique, a Progressive claims adjuster would investigate it thoroughly before determining coverage and liability. We'd glad to look over your policy and explain generally how your coverages apply. Please give us a call at 1-855-266-8485.
Posted on 1/2/2013 at 10:37 AM by Progressive
Can I add a non employee to our commercial auto policy inorder to drive a specific vehicle?
Posted on 1/14/2013 at 8:14 AM by Thomas k
@Thomas: Please give one of our commercial auto reps a call so we can get more information: 1-855-266-8485.
Posted on 1/17/2013 at 9:23 AM by Progressive
My mom, who doesn't live with me, uses my car a few times here and there to bring my sick father to doctor appts would I be covered if something were to happen when she's driving my car thanks
Posted on 1/19/2013 at 12:12 PM by Megan
@Megan: If your mom only uses the car occasionally and is not a household member, then she would be covered by "permissive use." If she drives it on a regular basis, then you'd want to add her to the policy as an additional driver.
Posted on 1/24/2013 at 11:06 AM by Progressive
I have two questions. 1) I gave permission to my friend use my car and he is involved in an accident. How will you decide how frequently he drives my car ? How can you guys tell whether it is under 12 times or over 12 times. 2) I have CCL insurance on my car. I have rented a car to go on a long trip. So my insurance will be applied for the rental. During the trip if I let my friend drive the rental car will he be covered? If he is added an additional driver during that rental period. What if he is not added as an additional driver ? Thank you.
Posted on 1/25/2013 at 1:17 AM by Robert
I have two questions. 1) I have CCL insurance. I have rented a car and using my own insurance. If I am going on a trip can I let my friend drive the rental car, he is an added additional driver ? Can I permit him to drive the car though he is not an added additional driver ? 2) How is it counted whether my friend has borrowed my car less than 12 times or more than 12 times a year ?
Posted on 1/25/2013 at 11:05 PM by Robert
@Robert: Generally, your personal auto policy coverage transfers to a rental car only if you, the person listed as the "second named insured" on your policy—or anyone related to you who's also covered by your policy—is driving it and is listed as a driver on the rental contract. We could provide more detail over the phone. Also, you’d count each trip as one time of use. So, a trip from your home to the store, and back, is two times.
Posted on 1/31/2013 at 10:23 AM by Progressive
My father was in an accident where a non-insured driver was borrowing his friends car. the owner of the car does indeed have insurance on his vehicle, but does the owners insurance cover the non-insured driver who wrecked his friends car?
Posted on 2/4/2013 at 6:33 PM by Stefan
I am in Ohio and I live with my sister and husband. We all occassionally drive each other's cars. Would it be possible to add my sister and her car to my car insurance policy? Her car is still registered under my parent's name and address.
Posted on 2/8/2013 at 11:55 AM by Carrie
@Carrie: We require you to list all household family members on your policy, just for this reason. You definitely want to add your sister and brother-in-law to the policy as rated drivers. You can also add her vehicle to your policy (you'll get the Multi Car Discount), as well as any other vehicles in the household (up to four vehicles may be listed on your policy).
Posted on 2/14/2013 at 4:35 PM by Progressive
If my friend is licensed but not insured, and I let him drive my car in the state of Florida with me sitting in the passenger seat (I am licensed AND insured), is that legal?
Posted on 2/24/2013 at 3:24 PM by Jack Rourke
@Jack: Since your auto policy covers the vehicle, and you've given your friend permission to drive it, he'd be covered. If your friend drives your vehicle on a regular basis, you'd need to add him as an "additional driver" to your policy.
Posted on 2/27/2013 at 2:10 PM by Progressive
We live in Ky. My husbands 17 yr old daughter lives with her mother and is only with us every other weekend. She is insured on her mother's policy. Does she need to be added onto ours as well?
Posted on 3/8/2013 at 10:46 PM by Britt
What happends when you get hit by someone and they have no drivers license? but they have insurance(which I don't know yet)and he caused the accident with a revoked license, I have a feeling I may be having to flip the bill because they don't seem legit. Would this cause my insurance to go up? with a police report stating everything I just explained, my mom thinks its gonna make it go up but a buddy of mine owner of a body shop says I won't be penalized in anyway other then having to pay my own deductible? he was in a very similar situation I'm in, and I have progressive. I live in MN
Posted on 3/22/2013 at 11:04 PM by Scott
I live in MN and I'm on my mothers insurance, some guy on Tuesday hit me and there is damages done, he had a revoked license and I'm not to sure how this is gonna go as I haven't heard anything back from their ins. (If they have it) which I think they might not have and I may have to do a claim on our policy, I was told by a friend who works at a body shop that if I pay my deductible to get my truck fixed if it comes to that? there was a police report, he was doing a u turn in a 4 way with no blinkers or looking at his surroundings, also got a driving with revoked license(he did) would I be penalized if I had to claim this myself, if his insurance is faulty or he was not covered? And how will I know when you reply back does it go to e mail? New Brighton MN
Posted on 3/23/2013 at 11:20 AM by Scott

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