What are aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are any component added to a vehicle that isn't from the original manufacturer. These parts can range from tire suspension systems to safety features. Aftermarket parts can increase the value of a vehicle, but they also require more money to repair if the vehicle is damaged in an accident.

What aftermarket safety features for cars are most worth installing?

There are a number of vehicle modifications that can help you drive more safely:

Collision avoidance/warning

Aftermarket collision avoidance systems alert drivers to potential crashes. These sensors take into account the vehicle's speed and the proximity of other vehicles or obstacles and then sound an alarm if they sense an imminent collision. These are particularly useful for avoiding crashes when changing lanes if someone is in your blind spot. Avoidance systems and aftermarket lane departure warning systems can also snap a driver back to attention if their attention drifts while on the road.

Blind-spot monitoring detection

Another great addition is an aftermarket blind-spot monitor. This feature keeps an eye out for obstacles in your blind spots and warns you with an alert (usually a light on your driver and passenger-side mirrors) if someone is in your blind spot. Some blind-spot monitors will sound an alarm or cause a vibration in the steering wheel.

Rear-view or backup camera

Another aftermarket safety feature for your car that can add value to your vehicle is a rear camera. This displays the view behind your car as you're backing up, which can help you avoid hitting pedestrians or other vehicles. You can also gauge how far you are from walls and other cars while backing into a parking spot.

Learn about how insurance covers modified cars.

Are aftermarket parts covered under insurance?

With Progressive, the first $1,000 of damage to aftermarket parts or modifications are covered under auto comprehensive coverage and auto collision coverage. If you have more than $1,000 of components installed in your car, you'll need custom parts and equipment coverage which may pay up to $5,000 for repairs or replacement parts. Aftermarket parts can increase the value and drivability of a vehicle, but you'll want to make sure you have the necessary coverage to repair them in case an accident occurs. Learn about how aftermarket parts work with insurance.